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Is Teeth Whitening a Good Idea for Someone with Stains from Braces?

I had braces for three years but unfortunately did not look after them whilst I had them on. My teeth are quite stained in the areas that the braces... READ MORE

What is the Most Effective Teeth Lightening Product?

What is the most effective teeth lightening product we have? READ MORE

Dentist Vs. Dental Spa: Best for Teeth Whitening?

Near me is a place called a "dental spa".  i am wondering can they do teeth whitening just as effective as the dentist i go to READ MORE

Is the DaVinci Teeth Whitening System is Succesful As In-office Bleaching Trays?

I would like to have my teeth whitening, but I do not want to use Zoom technology because I've heard that whitening is just as good a treatment... READ MORE

Will Kor Deep Bleaching Work for Someone Who Has Never Had White Teeth?

I have tried Nite White 22% in the past, but it never did much lightening if any. My teeth grew in yellow and I'm afraid the Kor will not work either.... READ MORE

What is the Name/brand of the Most Effective, Safe Teeth Whitening System (Meaning Very White Outcome)?

I have somewhat white teeth and use Opalescence, yet it seems to cap out at a particular white level. I'm confused whitening systems...all claiming... READ MORE

Laser Teeth Whitening Technique

Does laser whitening at your dentist work better than other whitening treatments? READ MORE

Had Trauma to Two Front Teeth. Implant for One, the Other Turned Grey/Stabilized Over Time. Can it be Bleached?

I fell 7 years ago, trauma to my two front upper teeth, one removed and an implant necessary, heartbreaking at the time, the other has turned a soft... READ MORE

Do Bleaching Trays Work?

I got my teeth bleached 2 weeks ago and barely received my bleaching trays. My teeth are no longer as white as they were when they were bleached and I... READ MORE

Can Opalesence Boost Be Painted Around Teeth White Spots to Match the Teeth Better?

At home whitening trays are making the white spots whiter than the teeth . Will painting the boost XL gel around the white spots help the teeth catch... READ MORE

What is Your Professional Opinion of Ionic Tooth Whiteners? I Have Sensitive Teeth and Traditional Whiteners Hurt Me.

I read recently in a fashion magazine about a product called Pearl Gentle White that uses an ionic current to boost the effects of a low concentration... READ MORE

Using sensitive toothpaste before Zoom! Whitening. Any suggestions?

If i use potassium nitrate toothpaste to clog the enamel pores to avoid sensitivity prior the procedure, will it make the whitening process less... READ MORE

My crest white stripes did not work. Why?

I am fifteen and I bought crest white stops to help whiten my teeth. My teeth are not extremely stained but they are a bit yellow. The strips did not... READ MORE

Am I a good candidate for sapphire in office bleaching? (photos)

Hello. Am I a good candidate for sapphire in office bleaching? Is sapphire or zoom more effective? My teeth are very sensitive.. Especially the bottom... READ MORE

If I had my teeth professionally cleaned about two months ago, would whitening be effective?

Should I go to the dentist again or I can start the procedure and still get good results? READ MORE

There is a product called "warpaint" that claims to remove stains and naturally whiten teeth. Does this really work?

I know that this product won't actually whiten directly, but does it have the potential to remove agents that could stain teeth? Do you think it could... READ MORE

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