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Teeth Whitening for Teeth with Thin Enamel?

How do I whiten teeth with thin enamel that shows the dentin? I had acid reflux that is now under control. However my teeth are now yellow in hue due... READ MORE

Teeth Whitening for Grey Tooth from Injury?

My top incisors have turned grey due to falling last summer and then slamming into the sidewalk. X-rays said I didn't need a root canal, (I've had no... READ MORE

Shave Down Teeth!!!

Im a 17year-old female & I need help.Ive been struggling w/ discoloration on my teeth since I was 8years.All my teeth are white besides the lower... READ MORE

Grey and Black Gums After Professional Teeth Whitening? (photo)

It is 5th day after I got my in office whitening. Partially exposed to whitening material gums got affected and became white, than turned red. Third... READ MORE

Tooth #8: Internal Beaching or Porcelain Crown? Discolored(pink) and Slight Fracture

About 3 weeks ago I had a trauma to my mouth and my #8 tooth (front) has become discolored pink and has a slight fracture on the surface. I have been... READ MORE

Using sensodyne and parodontax toothpaste together?

1. Is it okay to use sensodyne(contains fluoride) and parodontax toothpaste together? I brush two times with sensodyne and one time with parodontax. I... READ MORE

Any Advise About Supersmile Products for Teeth Whitening?

I want to try Supersmile for teeth whitening, but worried about sensitivity. Any advice? READ MORE

Any Tips for Whitening Sensitive Teeth?

I already have sensitive teeth to any cold, but want to whiten my teeth. Any and all tips welcomed. READ MORE

Besides Veneers and Invisalign is There Any Options to Cover or Remove the Discoloration of Teeth Without Spending Too Much?

I don't want my parents to spend big money and i don't have budget for invisalign or porcelain veneers. READ MORE

I chipped the front surfaces, top layers, of my 2 front teeth and the chips are now discolored. What can I do at home to whiten?

I chipped the front surfaces, or top layers, (Is this my enamel?) of both my front teeth. Both chips are each about the size of a sewing pin head and... READ MORE

Had my Teeth Whitened Yesterday and Has Made 2 Small Holes in my Gum What Should I Do?

Im not sure if this is just one of thoughs things that can happen or if I should ring and complain as it is causing me discomfort. And also my gums... READ MORE

Cheaper Teeth Whitening Options?

How do I get my teeth whiter without spending a lot of money? READ MORE

What should I do about my discolored front teeth? (photos)

When I was a kid I fell on concrete and chipped one of my front teeth, and it seems damaged both. One tooth has a yellow hue while the other a dark... READ MORE

Best solution for discolored, permanently sensitive teeth?

I am 25 years old, but from a young age my teeth have not white. I have also had some damage to one of front teeth and have a permanent small stain on... READ MORE

Is there any at-home device that can help remove coffee stains from teeth?

I am a coffee lover, and as a result, my teeth have started to resemble those of Neolithic man. The stains are unsightly and prevent me from smiling... READ MORE

Can I Repair my Teeth Befoe Turning to 18?

Few years before while playing cricket i was stumbled over a rock and fell down due to which my front incisor(the right one)was a bit broken and..... READ MORE

Front tooth stained and discolored. What can I do? (photos)

Is it possible to whiten or correct the staining on my front middle tooth? It stains quicker than the rest. It's been filled. Would replacing the... READ MORE

Why have my front two teeth become discoloured from the bottom? (Photo)

Hi my front two teeth have become discoloured from the bottom, my dentist is unaware of the problem and cleaning, polishing and even whitening has not... READ MORE

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