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What is the best whitening system to lighten a dark front tooth (non-vital) on a teen? (photos)

Front tooth was injured two weeks ago and is already getting darker. What is the best way/system to whiten her teeth so the dark front doesn't stand... READ MORE

What is the best course of treatment for a dark front tooth that won't respond to bleaching? (photo)

My two bottom center front teeth were damaged in an accident. they both have had root canals but over the years one tooth has turned very dark and... READ MORE

OK to Whiten Teeth with Dark Lines Due to Prematurity?

Due to prematurity, I have slightly dark lines in my teeth. I want to get them whitened.  Some people tell me my teeth will get worse in that the... READ MORE

How soon can I drink dark liquids and food that may stain after teeth whitening?

Hey I just got my teeth whitened on Thursday and it's now Sunday am I able to drink dark liquids again and eat foods that would stain a white shirt?... READ MORE

How much is it to bleach a non vital tooth?

I had a root canal done 4 years ago and now my front tooth has turned darker than the other ones. I am located in Houston Texas READ MORE

Why is my molar (next to the wisdom teeth) dark brown?

Hi, I am 20 years old and as I said one of my molar (next to the wisdom teeth) is dark brown I don't know why but whenever I went to the dentist for... READ MORE

What are my options for teeth bleaching?

I wanted to bleach my teeth but my dentist told me that it won't work for me he didn't say why he instead suggested veneer but they are so expensive... READ MORE

Can Lava bridges be made lighter and still cover dark teeth? How should I handle the situation with my dentist? (photo)

Today I went in for the permanent lava bridge. I explained I wasn't happy and the dentist used temporary cement so that I could "get used to it". The... READ MORE

My Question is How to Remove Dark Yellow Lines Occurred on teeth due to Hard illness when I was 7 years old. (photo)

This yellow spot was appeared when I was 7 years old and got a severe Sickness. I tried a lot of formulas on it to clean it but it was useless. I use... READ MORE

How to treat dark colored teeth due to trauma?

I have two teeth that are darkend due to trauma, will a porcelain ctown cover this dark area once it had been shaved down and put on? I have gotten... READ MORE

Only a few days away from finishing at home whitening (using Opalescence 10%). Teeth still dark and inconsistent in whiteness?

I'm noticing that on my bottom teeth the very bottoms of the teeth do not seem to be as white as my entire top teeth are. Why is this and will it... READ MORE

Will a internally bleached tooth get dark again?

If I do a internal bleaching in my rct tooth, will it get dark again? I've been adviced not to do internal bleaching before placing porcelain veneer... READ MORE

How to get rid of dark lines where fillings are?

I have fillings on my front teeth, and there is a dark line in the middle of my teeth (where the filling ends). I brush almost three times a day and... READ MORE

Really bad tooth staining what would be my options? (photos)

Hi, My teeth are badly stained at the top of the upper front teeth. I can't understand why as I brush my teeth every morning and every night but it... READ MORE

Will teeth whitening make my teeth appear more yellow than before, after the effect of whitening goes away?

Hello, I'm interested in teeth whitening at home with a tray. The tube I was given contains 22% carbamide peroxide. I was told it will last for a... READ MORE

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