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If I Have White Spots on Teeth and I Use Crest White Strips, Will the Spots Get Whiter Permanently?

I have two light white spots on my front teeth barely noticeable. Not sure if I've always had them. I started using Crest white strips (the 14 day... READ MORE

My Teeth Have Become See Through from the Bottom to Middle of Each Tooth, Are my Teeth at Risk?

I used Crest Whitening strips and have noticed my teeth are see through from the bottom upwards. Have I ruined my teeth? I usually have resilient... READ MORE

Why Do My Teeth Feel Gritty and Rough and Are Not Shiny After an In Office Whitening Treatment?

I Had an in Office Whitening Treatment, Boost, and Now my Teeth Feel Gritty and Rough and Are Not Shiny. Is there a fix to this or is this... READ MORE

Bleeding Gums After Laser Teeth Whitening

I had Polus laser whitening at 10am yesterday morning and my teeth were really sensitive afterwards. My gums were also white for about an hour after.... READ MORE

I'm in pain after whitening my teeth at home. Is it dangerous? Any suggestions?

I whitend my teeth at home for the first time yesterday. Now I'm so terrified!! I've been having pains in my mouth all day, so I decided to take a... READ MORE

Teeth Whitening System Without Hurting Gums?

This system cost £260 but I don't want to damage my healthy gums. What should I do? Thanks, Dianne. READ MORE

Question About Crest White Strips?

I used the Crest White Strips Vivid, which is strength 2, for the ten days as instructed. They didn't really work, and now I want to get Crest White... READ MORE

Gums bleeding after teeth whitening! Is this permanent damage? (Photo)

Recently i got polanight custom fitted teeth whitening trays from my dentist. One night i accidentally put to much of the gel in and my gum burnt like... READ MORE

What should I do about my discolored front teeth? (photos)

When I was a kid I fell on concrete and chipped one of my front teeth, and it seems damaged both. One tooth has a yellow hue while the other a dark... READ MORE

Is there a procedure to whiten a traumatized tooth from the inside?

I have a traumatized tooth and is yellow. My dentist did a test and the nerve is alive. I would like to get it bleach from the inside , but I don't... READ MORE

How can I tell if whitening strips damage my teeth?

I want to buy some whitening strips for my teeth with 10% hydrogen peroxide (i have used some 3 months ago). How can I tell if they damage my teeth ?... READ MORE

Does zoom whitening damage teeth enamel, bone, or gums? Aftercare?

Does zoom whitening damage teeth enamel, bone, or gums? What is the protocol after a treatment to maintain treatment and decrease any damage to teeth... READ MORE

Does coffee drinking cause cumulative, irreversible damage to teeth that cannot be corrected by professional teeth whitening?

I’ve gotten my teeth whitened before, but the moment I drink coffee again, they go right back to yellow color. I’ve tried all the tricks to min... READ MORE

Is teeth whitening harmful?

Hi, why would happen if I have my teeth whitened at the dentist and if I use bleaching trays at home ? Will my teeth be damaged ? what will happen if... READ MORE

Teeth whitening with zoom. Could my eyes be damaged if I didn't wear goggles?

I performed the zoom teeth whitening two days ago and the dentist did not have me wear the goggles for the eyes. The light was never directed in my... READ MORE

Can I just scrape off the brown spots on my front teeth with a pin as there is no other way to remove them permanently? (Photo)

I have these brown spots on the front of my teeth and even the dentist doesn't exactly know why I have them since I'm regularly brushing and flossing... READ MORE

Tooth whitening while having in temporary crowns, crowns are b1 existing teeth are a2 to a3? (Photo)

I wanted to ask upon using a whitening system prior to getting my final perm. crowns replaced. currently have temps, but not sure if they will be... READ MORE

Can I use the crest whitening strips right after getting my teeth professionally whitened?

I want to make sure there is no interference with the whitening procedure nor do I want to damage my teeth. I went through the Luma procedure, if that... READ MORE

Can my teeth be whitened without damaging the enamel? (photos)

I have a clean mouth and no risk of cavities. However, I had bullimia and acidic diet which had eroded my teeth. They are ugly and yellow now. Can my... READ MORE

Can teeth whiten cause purple teeth? Is this enamel damage caused by the whitening? Can I do another whitening soon? (photo)

I've done a professional teeth whitening last year, and last month i used whitening strips (10% peroxide in the beggning and 13% for the last week)and... READ MORE

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