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After Using Crest Whitestrips, How Long Until I Can Eat Coloured Foods?

I've been using the Crest Whitestrips Intense Professional, do I need to stay on a 'white diet' for a full 7 days as this is proving hard to do! After... READ MORE

Tooth Whitening Strips - Do Dentists Like Them?

My general dentist says Crest Whitening Strips work, she recommends them. I'd love a second opinion from another dentist. Do these strips really... READ MORE

If I Have White Spots on Teeth and I Use Crest White Strips, Will the Spots Get Whiter Permanently?

I have two light white spots on my front teeth barely noticeable. Not sure if I've always had them. I started using Crest white strips (the 14 day... READ MORE

My Teeth Have Become See Through from the Bottom to Middle of Each Tooth, Are my Teeth at Risk?

I used Crest Whitening strips and have noticed my teeth are see through from the bottom upwards. Have I ruined my teeth? I usually have resilient... READ MORE

How Long Should I Wait in Between At-home Teeth Whitening Systems?

I am currently using Crest White strips Intensive Professional Effects but I'm worried they won't give me the result I am hoping for. How long should... READ MORE

Question About Crest White Strips?

I used the Crest White Strips Vivid, which is strength 2, for the ten days as instructed. They didn't really work, and now I want to get Crest White... READ MORE

Whitening for those with periodontal disease?

I have coffee stained teeth. I also have periodontal disease and am having treatment done on April 1st and April 8th. I know once you have periodontal... READ MORE

Would it be safe to whiten enamel teeth? (photos)

I've been wanting to whiten my teeth some, if i was to i would by a kit from the dentist or crest white strips.. but i have a little translucency at... READ MORE

I used crest white strips and now my teeth are in excruciating pain. What can I do?

My teeth kill after using crest white strips and I will never use them again the labeling never mentioned anything about the pain I'm in ughh I took... READ MORE

Serious gum & tooth pain 5 days after whitening treatment?

I used a Crest White Strip 5 days ago. I have been in the worst pain everyday since. I don't have sensitive teeth. I have used these strips probably... READ MORE

Saw a white mark on my gum but it went away within 10 mins. Should I be worried ? Can I continue to use my crest whitening kit?

It's the whitening kit where you put step one on your toothbrush and brush for a Minute and then spit out but don't rinse , then put step two on your... READ MORE

Crest Whitening stripes left white specs on my teeth. What do I do? (Photo)

I just used whitening stripes and I took then off after about 30 minutes and I noticed there was white specs ik my teeth and the are whiter than my... READ MORE

Can I use the crest whitening strips right after getting my teeth professionally whitened?

I want to make sure there is no interference with the whitening procedure nor do I want to damage my teeth. I went through the Luma procedure, if that... READ MORE

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