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What's the Best Teeth Whitening System?

My dentist offers a "teeth whitening system" by bleaching. is there anything specific i should get for teeth whitening? whitening options... READ MORE

Is the Da Vinci Teeth Whitening Equal to Professional Whitening at a Dentist's Office?

Is the Da Vinci Teeth Whitening equal to professional whitening at a dentist's office? READ MORE

What Exactly Makes KOR Whitening Better Than Other Similar Products?

Kor has mediocre, that is average, rating on mutiple review sites it's claimed to be the best by a few on http://www.realself... READ MORE

Dentist Vs. Dental Spa: Best for Teeth Whitening?

Near me is a place called a "dental spa".  i am wondering can they do teeth whitening just as effective as the dentist i go to READ MORE

In-office Teeth Whitening. What Are My Options? Is There A Technique That Will Match My Existing Caps/Crowns?

What are the various professional in-office teeth whitening available? I have read about one that uses a red light - is this the latest and are there... READ MORE

Laser Teeth Whitening vs. Bleaching

Of both whitening options, which one is best and most recommended by dentists? READ MORE

Laser Teeth Whitening Technique

Does laser whitening at your dentist work better than other whitening treatments? READ MORE

For teeth whitening - is Biolase better or blue spectrum LED light, or another method?

Hello, I have spoken to 3 clinics about their procedures, 1 clinic uses Biolase, and stated that other clinics offering blue spectrum LED light are... READ MORE

Will the take-home teeth whitening get my teeth as white as in-office whitening treatment?

I know the take-home teeth whitening treatment will take longer to see results compared to in-office treatment, but are both treatment going to get my... READ MORE

In-office Venus, Pola, Opalescence, and Sapphire: which will whiten teeth the most/least? How does the pain compare? (Photo)

Barrage of questions ahead: Will all 4 other options make my teeth as white as Zoom? Zoom isn't an option (logistics, money, etc) and I desperately... READ MORE

Which is the best treatment? Biolase, blue spectrum LED light, or another type?

I am trying to decide which clinic in Harley Street, London to go to for laser teeth whitening, and wondered if you may provide advice on types of... READ MORE

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