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When Do White Gums Return to Normal Color After Teeth Whitening?

When gums become white and sore after the teeth whitening procedure, how long will it take to heal or return to pink again? READ MORE

1 month post op of Kors Whitening, I have uneven teeth color and mixed results. Will the colors even out? (photo)

I have done a month of the Kors whitening system at home and I have had 2 in office whitening procedures. My teeth are lighter but not dramatically... READ MORE

Is it normal to have different colored teeth? How to even their colors up? (photos)

Hello, my teeth colors differ. The ones at the front are whiter than the sides. Is this normal? Haven't performed any professional bleaching... READ MORE

Can colored toothpaste stain your recently whitened teeth?

I recently whitened my teeth and brushed my teeth after with blue toothpaste, can this stain my teeth? READ MORE

If I have my teeth professionally whitened, will the bonding also whiten?

I have bonding on my front teeth to make them longer but I really hate the colour. A company I have found use a particular whitening product from the... READ MORE

Want to get my teeth whitened, however my dentist basically told me it's impossible? (photo)

I want to get my teeth whitened however I have a white spot on three different teeth. Wouldn't be too bad however one of them is on my front tooth and... READ MORE

How to treat dark colored teeth due to trauma?

I have two teeth that are darkend due to trauma, will a porcelain ctown cover this dark area once it had been shaved down and put on? I have gotten... READ MORE

What is the best solution to have permanent white teeth for unusual teeth color since born? (photos)

I was born with permanent unusual teeth colour. It was the same with my other siblings. My mom explain it could be due to the medicine she took during... READ MORE

Can I have colored food after 2 days of teeth whitening?

Hi.. I have done teeth whitening on the 25th of January 2015 and today is 28th of January 2016.. I have already finished 2 days.. My doctor advised me... READ MORE

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