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Professional Bleaching Didn't Whiten my Teeth. Why? What Other Options Are There?

In-office dental bleaching didn't whiten my teeth at all. Why did this happen? What other treatments are there available that guarantee whiter teeth? READ MORE

What Causes White Horizontal Lines on Teeth After Bleaching? Can They Be Removed?

I had teeth whitening today and after 3 whitening sessions I noticed two white horizontal lines on my front teeth that are very obvious.. How can I... READ MORE

I Had Laser Teeth Whitening 37hrs Ago, But Today My Teeth Are Stained?

Hi I Have Laser Whitening Teeth 37 Hrs Ago but when I Wake Up Today my Teeth Are Stained I Have Just Eat Bread, Butter and Milk. READ MORE

My Dentist Just Gave Me a Take Home Tooth Whitening Kit That Has 35% Carbamide Peroxide in It. Teeth Turned BRIGHT White- Why?

My Dentist just gave me a take home whitening kit that has 35% Carbamide Peroxide in it. (I just had my teeth cleaned yesterday) I put the tray in and... READ MORE

What causes brown staining? Will whitening remove it? (Photo)

Hello, in reference to my molars I would like to know what this type of brown staining is called, what causes it, and if there is any way to lighten... READ MORE

About 8 months ago I started to have decalcification on my teeth. Where is this coming from? (Photos)

I had braces over 12 years ago and I did. It develop white spots. Over the past 8 months they started showing up and are only getting worse. I use... READ MORE

Why is my molar (next to the wisdom teeth) dark brown?

Hi, I am 20 years old and as I said one of my molar (next to the wisdom teeth) is dark brown I don't know why but whenever I went to the dentist for... READ MORE

Why are my teeth yellow? If there is a remedy, please let me know.

I brush my teeth twice daily. I dont drink coffee/tea/wine or smoke. I eat junk but so do my friends and they just brush their once a day. Yet their... READ MORE

Bonding or veneers or whitening? Tooth discolouration/porous teeth. (photos)

Hi I have a good set of healthy teeth but have been having trouble with staining of my front four teeth. I used to use alot of harsh whitening... READ MORE

Can oil pulling cause cavities?

I'm concerned about swishing any substance around my mouth that isn't toothpaste or mouthwash. If I were to oil pull without brushing and flossing... READ MORE

Can teeth whiten cause purple teeth? Is this enamel damage caused by the whitening? Can I do another whitening soon? (photo)

I've done a professional teeth whitening last year, and last month i used whitening strips (10% peroxide in the beggning and 13% for the last week)and... READ MORE

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