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Can Filled Teeth Be Whitened?

Ok, I've Had A Couple Of My Front Teeth Filled & Where They Are Filled At Is Kinda Yellow & Brushing Dosn't Seem To Whiten Them. What... READ MORE

Is Teeth Whitening a Good Idea for Someone with Stains from Braces?

I had braces for three years but unfortunately did not look after them whilst I had them on. My teeth are quite stained in the areas that the braces... READ MORE

Can You Do Teeth Whitening Treatment if You Have Invsalign with Attachments?

I am currently in the middle of my Invisalign treatment and I have 8 "attachments" on my teeth to help my teeth move. My question is, I know... READ MORE

Can I Get my Teeth Zoom Whitened (Or Any Professional Whitening) if I Have Permanent Retainers?

I want to do it before my senior portraits for high school (finally!). I've had braces for almost 5 years and my orthodontist gave me permanent... READ MORE

Can a Redhead Have Pearly White Teeth?

I'm a natural redhead male, 20 years old, and I have braces. I get them off in about 6 months and am definitely wanting to have them whitened.... READ MORE

Unfortunately the majority of my teeth have large fillings. I was wondering what my options are to whiten my teeth?

Hi, the majority of my teeth unfortunately have large fillings. My Dentist told me that my teeth color is an A2 and to me my teeth look Yellow. In all... READ MORE

Can I have my teeth whitened if I have no enamel, they were 'coated' when I was small?

When my teeth grew they had no enamel on them, they were coated when I was a child by the dentist. They are only slightly discoloured but I am... READ MORE

I just got a deep filling as there was decay under my older filling. Can I whiten my teeth with whitening strips?

I'm just wondering can I whiten my teeth with whitening strips and how long should I wait until my cavity has recovered? READ MORE

Am I a good candidate for Kor deep bleaching? (photo)

Dr. kurthy do you think I would be a good candidate for Kor deep bleaching? I used to have white teeth.. I used a night bright gel from my dentist and... READ MORE

Porcelain Veneers

Hi dentists, I have six porcelain veneers done on my upper part of my mouth one ago. I was happy with the result at first, but sometimes, when I look... READ MORE

How do I get rid of the brown/yellow stains on my teeth? (Photo)

I had braces in middle school and didn't brush above my braces well enough. Once I got my braces off they were just white spots so I thought they... READ MORE

Gray teeth/uneven shades- will whitening help? (Photo)

I'm 24 years old and had a trauma about 10 years ago to my front teeth. As you can see in the picture, 2 of my teeth have a gray coloration, and... READ MORE

How do I get rid of this yellowness from my teeth? (Photo)

I had this problem of yellowness on teeth . I tried to fix it by brushing but didnt got away.also tried baking powder but it didnt helped also my gums... READ MORE

Is it okay to use crest white if I have not so noticeable white spots? Will they be more visible after whitening?

I have hardly noticeable white spots on my teeth. The problem is that i want to use crest whitening because i have yellowish teeth but i heard that if... READ MORE

Am I a good candidate for sapphire in office bleaching? (photos)

Hello. Am I a good candidate for sapphire in office bleaching? Is sapphire or zoom more effective? My teeth are very sensitive.. Especially the bottom... READ MORE

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