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What Causes White Horizontal Lines on Teeth After Bleaching? Can They Be Removed?

I had teeth whitening today and after 3 whitening sessions I noticed two white horizontal lines on my front teeth that are very obvious.. How can I... READ MORE

Internal bleaching after root canal and tooth is now whiter than others. How can I fix this?

I had a root canal and internal bleaching on a front tooth. After carefully revisiting the Endodontist to get the color right, the permenant filling... READ MORE

Can Teeth Bleaching Contribute to Gum Recession?

I had been using Venus Pro 16% bleaching kit for only few days and it seems like my gum recession got worse. Can bleaching make gum recession to... READ MORE

My dentist gave me a tube of poladay CP 35% tooth whitening gel with my Invisalign trays. Is bleaching my teeth once a month OK?

My dentist said to use the gel as often as I see fit. My teeth are dramatically whiter for the first few days, then gradually lose their whiteness... READ MORE

Front Tooth Yellow Again After Internal Bleaching Should I Get It Done Again or a Crown Etc? (photo)

I've had root canal and internal bleaching in the past but the tooth after a year has turned yellow again. Should I keep getting internal bleaching or... READ MORE

Unsatisfied with Bleaching Results. Should I Try a Different Method?

After an in-office bleaching with hydrogen peroxide my teeth color improved by one shade at best and is still yellow not white. The doctor told me... READ MORE

Is it normal to have different colored teeth? How to even their colors up? (photos)

Hello, my teeth colors differ. The ones at the front are whiter than the sides. Is this normal? Haven't performed any professional bleaching... READ MORE

Is my Home Teeth Bleaching Kit Receding my Gums?

I see other questions on here but none that fit my description. I used a bleaching gel kit(44%) with a retainer three days in a a row until the third... READ MORE

Do Bleaching Trays Work?

I got my teeth bleached 2 weeks ago and barely received my bleaching trays. My teeth are no longer as white as they were when they were bleached and I... READ MORE

Kor Whitening/Deep Bleaching: Max Vs. Max Ultra?

If I understand correctly, there are two types of in-office KoR whitening: the max and the max ultra. The difference between the two is that the max... READ MORE

Which treatment for yellow stains and uneven teeth should I go for? (photos)

As you can see my front upper teeth are protruding out and lower jaw is smaller then the upper, i am 22 years old. what kind of treatment should i... READ MORE

Tooth turning grey for no possible reason with no pain or sensitivity. Any suggestions? (photos)

Hi , As I'm in the process of cosmetic dental work I noticed that one of my teeth is turning grey. I noticed this after we bleached the teeth and did... READ MORE

Uneven bleaching (white spots and stripes) after using polazing cp 35% with Invisalign

Hello, I just bleached my teeth with polazing cp 35% which I had ordered on amazon (from a (hopefully) reliable seller with lots of good reviews) and... READ MORE

I bleached my teeth according to my dentist instructions yet my teeth color has not whiten that much. Is this normal?

My dentist gave me a customized tray and a gel to breach for half hour daily for two weeks. The yellowness of my teeth has deceased a bit but no where... READ MORE

Is there a procedure to whiten a traumatized tooth from the inside?

I have a traumatized tooth and is yellow. My dentist did a test and the nerve is alive. I would like to get it bleach from the inside , but I don't... READ MORE

How long does internal bleaching last for one tooth? Is it possible for it to darken again or is it my imagination?

I had a root canal done on a front tooth due to trauma. Then my dentist did internal bleaching. It's been 8 years now; is it possible for it to darken... READ MORE

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