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Are There Food Restrictions After Professional Teeth Whitening?

Are dark foods or acidic foods not recommended after a professional teeth whitening? Is this the same guideline for using whitening strips at home? READ MORE

Is the GLO Whitening System Worth the Cost?

Is this an effective/safe home whitening treatment? ( Or am I better off having my teeth professionally whitened ? My... READ MORE

What Kind of Teeth Whitening Can Weaken Tooth Enamel?

Does drinking diet coke cause just as much damage to the enamel as teeth whitening? What is the best type of whitening to avoid enamel wear? Should... READ MORE

Teeth Whitening Strip Results?

Which would you recommend between the Crest 3D Whitestrips and Colgate Visible White? What is the best way to get white teeth and keep gums healthy... READ MORE

Opalescence Boost Teeth Whitening System: 3 Questions?

I currently have my custom trays and am looking for refill gel. I leaned about Opalescence Boost. Can this be purchased by the home consumer or is it... READ MORE

Does Hydrogen Peroxide and Baking Soda Whiten Teeth?

If you mix Hydrogen Peroxide and baking soda together to make a paste and brush with it, will it whiten your teeth? Is it safe to use? READ MORE

At home teeth whitening. What can I use to protect my gum against the whitening gel?

What can i use to protect my gum against the whitening gel....? im thinking of using vaseline? or any other option? READ MORE

How Often Can I Repeating Teeth Whitening?

Hi I have just completed teeth whitening at home using Zoom 6% HP. I used a 3 syringe pack over approximately 2 weeks. I'm happy with results but was... READ MORE

Home Teeth Whitening Remedies

Can a dentist help me find a tooth whitening product for home use. I know that some teeth whitners are considered too abrasive and damaging of the... READ MORE

How Long Should I Wait in Between At-home Teeth Whitening Systems?

I am currently using Crest White strips Intensive Professional Effects but I'm worried they won't give me the result I am hoping for. How long should... READ MORE

Has Anyone Tried "Go Smile"?

I am trying to find a good home whitening product. Any suggestions? READ MORE

How to get rid of chemical burns around my mouth from an at home teeth whitening kit? (Photo)

Hi, I used a teeth whitening kit with veey strong gel and uv light. It has burnt a red circle around my lips that will not heal. It has been like 3... READ MORE

My Dentist Just Gave Me a Take Home Tooth Whitening Kit That Has 35% Carbamide Peroxide in It. Teeth Turned BRIGHT White- Why?

My Dentist just gave me a take home whitening kit that has 35% Carbamide Peroxide in it. (I just had my teeth cleaned yesterday) I put the tray in and... READ MORE

Can a Home Tooth Whitening Kit Hurt Gums?

How often should whitening be done? 3-4 times a year? READ MORE

May I Have Some Feedback on Venus White 35% for at Home Teeth Whitening?

I have custom trays and want to try a new type of bleaching that would 1) work pretty fast, 2) be good for slightly sensitive teeth, and 3) can whiten... READ MORE

Can I Eat After Whitening my Teeth with the 5 Minutes Whitening System?

Please answer... And also i need more tips on teeth whitening READ MORE

What is going on with Philips Zoom's Daywhite teeth-whitening formula? Excruciatingly painful; not the same as Discus Daywhite.

I've been happily using Discus Daywhite 9.5 teeth whitening gel for many years. It was mildly uncomfortable but not painful and I easily finished the... READ MORE

Is my Home Teeth Bleaching Kit Receding my Gums?

I see other questions on here but none that fit my description. I used a bleaching gel kit(44%) with a retainer three days in a a row until the third... READ MORE

Is there a good and bad time for at home whitening systems?

I was curious if there's a certain time that's better to whiten teeth like in the morning or at night? READ MORE

Does black toothpaste really work?

The latest trend is black toothpaste, apparently containing activated charcoal. Is this toothpaste an effective at-home whitening solution? READ MORE

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