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Professional Bleaching Didn't Whiten my Teeth. Why? What Other Options Are There?

In-office dental bleaching didn't whiten my teeth at all. Why did this happen? What other treatments are there available that guarantee whiter teeth? READ MORE

Best Method for Teeth Whitening That is Permanent Other Than Strips, Gels and Pastes?

I am looking into teeth whitening and friends have told me to just get veneers as they will be perfect for me since my teeth are in great shape. What... READ MORE

At home teeth whitening. What can I use to protect my gum against the whitening gel?

What can i use to protect my gum against the whitening gel....? im thinking of using vaseline? or any other option? READ MORE

I Have Intrinsic Stains, Teeth Have a Grey Undertone. Is There ANYTHING That Will Help? Not Zoom. (photo)

I have tried the zoom procedure with no pain--thank goodness, but my teeth are still too yellow/grey. I cannot affort porcelain veneers, so that... READ MORE

What Are the Possible Ways of Treatment of Yellow Stains Due to Fluorosis? (photo)

I have yellow stains on my teeth due to flurosis and doctor has advised me for porcelain veneer as treatment.I want to know that is there any other... READ MORE

Age 60, Use Day White 7.5%, But Need Whiter Teeth. Can Laser Whitening Be Controlled?

I am 60 & have been using Day White 7.5% but need to get my teeth whiter because I am replacing 4 front caps. I do not want bling white, so can... READ MORE

Besides ZOOM and Whotestrips how can I achieve a bright white smile? My teeth aren't yellow but it be nice to be whiter.

Had Zoom done over 6months ago. Experienced no pain what so ever during or after. Now, to achieve a whiter smile I am applying Crest Whitestrips.... READ MORE

I have had laser teeth whitening few days back but my teeth still stained. Will bicarbonate of soda and lemon juice help?

I have had laser teeth whitening few days back but my teeth still stained.. I have heard that bicarbonate soda with lemon juice can whiten my teeth... READ MORE

Which is the best treatment? Biolase, blue spectrum LED light, or another type?

I am trying to decide which clinic in Harley Street, London to go to for laser teeth whitening, and wondered if you may provide advice on types of... READ MORE

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