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Teeth Whitening and Pregnancy?

In my first trimester of pregnancy and hate my stained teeth.  is tooth whitening safe? READ MORE

Swishing my Mouth with 3% Hydrogen Peroxide Straight out the Bottle, Did I Do Permanent Damage?

Now days later stinging, burning and over all swelling has went down a little bit but still have very vivid white trail on my bottom gums that now... READ MORE

What are the advantages of Teeth Whitening?

I am a 27 year old female who does not smoke and drink. I want to do teeth whitening for my teeth but before this treatment I need to know advantages... READ MORE

Best solution for discolored, permanently sensitive teeth?

I am 25 years old, but from a young age my teeth have not white. I have also had some damage to one of front teeth and have a permanent small stain on... READ MORE

Is internal bleaching on a tooth safe? (Photo)

I chipped #9 when I was young. I've always got a bonding done but my natural tooth is starting to darken. I don't want RCT if I don't need it but my... READ MORE

Besides ZOOM and Whotestrips how can I achieve a bright white smile? My teeth aren't yellow but it be nice to be whiter.

Had Zoom done over 6months ago. Experienced no pain what so ever during or after. Now, to achieve a whiter smile I am applying Crest Whitestrips.... READ MORE

Tetracycline (Intrinsic) Teeth Stain Removal. (photos)

I have a minor Tetracycline (Intrinsic) Teeth Stain on my upper Central Incisors since I was kid, I'm 31 now. Is there over the counter solution to... READ MORE

What kind of whitening would you recommend for my teeth? I'm 28, ex-smoker. I've never had my teeth whitened before (Photo)

My local dentist has $300 in home whitening deal should I do that or zoom whitening or any other one? I wanted to be as white as possible? Also is... READ MORE

I need an advice from a dentist. How can the color of 11 and 12 be improved? (Photo)

I am 32, female, i hatte my teeth, i need desperately advices 1. How can the color of 11 and 12 be improved? 2. What alternatives do i have to correct... READ MORE

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