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I have genetically yellow tooth and I was wondering what options are there for me that is relatively cheap? (photo)

I am 18 years old and I am getting braces next month. I was thinking about composite resin veneers or some type of bonding. What do you guys think I... READ MORE

Are my Teeth Stains from Tetracycline? (photo)

I have always had yellow teeth, and I am 18 now. It never really bothered me when I was younger but now that I am a young woman it bothers me that my... READ MORE

I'm 21 years old with very yellow teeth. What whitening method would you suggest? (photo)

There very yellow and I'm only 21 I'm very paranoid about them and can't do many things my freinds do it has Ruiend my life help me please READ MORE

Which treatment for yellow stains and uneven teeth should I go for? (photos)

As you can see my front upper teeth are protruding out and lower jaw is smaller then the upper, i am 22 years old. what kind of treatment should i... READ MORE

What should I do about my discolored front teeth? (photos)

When I was a kid I fell on concrete and chipped one of my front teeth, and it seems damaged both. One tooth has a yellow hue while the other a dark... READ MORE

My teeth has a yellow stain and can't remove it. Any suggestions? (photos)

2007 was when I first noticed the stain on my 2 front teeth. I am currently 18 years old and this Potential could ruin my life and a chance of getting... READ MORE

Any at-home remedies to whiten my teeth?

I'm 18 and I think it's due to chlorine in the water. READ MORE

How can I get clean, white teeth? (photo)

My age is 24 yrs .since 3 years my tooth are fully yellowish , reason might be excessive use of NSAIDS and ANTIBIOTICS during my post operative period... READ MORE

Gray teeth/uneven shades- will whitening help? (Photo)

I'm 24 years old and had a trauma about 10 years ago to my front teeth. As you can see in the picture, 2 of my teeth have a gray coloration, and... READ MORE

My teeth is yellowish, why ? What treatment would you recommend? (photos)

Hi im 24 yr old ..My teeth naturely yellowish its what type problem and how clear this problem... which one best treatment in this.. READ MORE

I'm a 22 year old and have an orange intrinsic tooth stain since childhood, will whitening strips help remove it ? (photo)

I have had this tooth stain on one of my upper central incisors I think it may have been caused by a fall. Considering that my teeth are otherwise... READ MORE

Are my teeth yellow from inside? (Photo)

Im 18 and my teeth are really yellow.i dont know if my teeth are naturally yellow but i didnt wash my teeth as a kid but i dont remember if they were... READ MORE

I have had caps on my front two teeth for 3 years and I want to get them whitened but not sure how? (photo)

I have had caps on my front two teeth since I have been 16 and I am now 19. I also don't know which dentist to trust, are there any guidelines to... READ MORE

Can my teeth be whitened? (Photo)

My teeth are very yellow and discoloured. I'm only 18 now and my teeth have been this colour since my adult ones grew through. I've always been so... READ MORE

Have been brushing my teeth three times a day using ZINT WHITENING but the brown stain still remains

The front two teeth are stains since childhood upto now am 22. Will this brown teeth whiten again? READ MORE

Why is my molar (next to the wisdom teeth) dark brown?

Hi, I am 20 years old and as I said one of my molar (next to the wisdom teeth) is dark brown I don't know why but whenever I went to the dentist for... READ MORE

Can you bleach (Whiten) your teeth, if you are wearing back braces?

I recently just had braces and have had them took off for now 1 year. I was looking into whitening my teeth but Im unsure if its possible because I am... READ MORE

Will my teeth whiten with professional in office dental whitening? (photos)

My teeth are very yellow and discoloured. I'm only 18 now and my teeth have been this colour since my adult ones grew through. I've always been so... READ MORE

Is there a way to have my two front teeth whitened again instead of this ugly yellow and brown color?

Im 19 years old and ive always had an issue since i was a little kid with my front teeth being a ugly yellow and brown color none of my teeth are not... READ MORE

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