Wrinkles + TCA Peel

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Please Explain the Healing Process from 10% TCA Peel

I am 24-year-girl working in a remote-area of Africa. I cannot consult with a professional, but I do have access to the internet. I have wheatish... READ MORE

Loose Skin and Deep Wrinkle After TCA Peel

I performed a 20% TCA peel myself and ended up with a streak of loose skin, and a deep wrinkle that I never had before under one eye.  What would... READ MORE

Can You Get Botox, Fillers and a TCA Peel in One Visit?

I have bad wrinkle lines across my forehead even when my forehead is relaxed the lines are very visable. I just spoke to a surgury and booked she... READ MORE

Severe Dark Spots After 35% TCA Peel

I am 44 years old Asian Indian with light brown skin. I used 35% TCA peel with q tip on my face for wrinkles. The frosted areas turned very dark brown... READ MORE

Can Dark Skinned People Have 18 Percent TCA Peel?

Hello, I'm a 24 dark skinned female with acne scars and wrinkling around my eyes and would like to get an 18% TCA peel to rectify this. Do you think... READ MORE

Will TCA Peel Help These Lines?

Hi, I have these horisontinal lines in my forehead, that I would love to even out. The lines are a bit deeper than showen on the picture. I have been... READ MORE

What is the best way to recover from damaging 21% TCA Peel? (photo)

I am a 38 year old male of East Indian origin with Type IV skin. I applied a 21% TCA peel under my eyes 9 days ago to remove micro-wrinkles and dark... READ MORE

TCA Peel for Eyelid Wrinkles?

I read that tca is good for eyelid wrinkles. How close to eyelash is peel applied? Retina for eyelids? What strength and how close to eyelashes can it... READ MORE

Doctor did TCA peel on chest and neck last year, it took months to heal. (Photo)

I now have wrinkles on chest and neck. Is their a treatment to correct? I'm devastated! READ MORE

Can I Alternate TCA Peel with Q-switch & Fractional CO2 to Treat Acne Scars, Fine Lines, Sun Damage & Wrinkles?

Can I Alternate TCA Peel with Q-switch & Fractional CO2 to Treat Acne Scars, Fine Lines, Sun Damage & Wrinkles? READ MORE

I used 80 TCA on my hands. I did not dilute. My hands are wrinkled very badly. Will they go back to normal?

I used 80%tca on my hands for 1 minutes. I then neutralized. It burned as usual. I have only done one application. My skin is not dis colored red pink... READ MORE

Can a TCA 35% peel be applied to rosacea skin?

I am scheduled for an upper blepharoplasty and a full face TCA35% peel. I am worried I will have prolonged redness(past the 7 days downtime). I am... READ MORE

What happens if you apply 20% TCA to the face incorrectly?

I erred in using 20% TCA for a medium peel. I applied it once, waited a minute, then rinsed it off and neutralized it. .... On Day 2 , I applied it... READ MORE

TCA or glycolic for lines & wrinkles?

I've been to 2 passes of 15% TCA and i feel it's doing nothing for my lines. When it comes to lines and acne scaring, which is best. TCA or glycolic... READ MORE

Is it possible for a TCA 15 to cause a face to seize up severely, reshaping the cheeks stretching the skin to loosen it? (photos

Fillers were put around the nose lines 8 months earlier. Great tight skin. No wrinkles or pores. TCA 15 peel self applied in Nov. Dec. Jan. Feb. All... READ MORE

Ulthera and TCA peel... Which one first?

I plan to get a 35% TCA peel in my eye area to address undereye wrinkle. In addition, I plan to get Ulthera on full face for overall tightening. In... READ MORE

Can I Repair the Deep Wrinkles and Blotchy Skin That a Series of 25%TCA Peels Caused? (photo)

I did a series of home 25%TCA peels that initially looked great but now has left my skin dry, crepey, red, blotchy and wrinkled with hundreds of tiny... READ MORE

I Had an 8% Tca Peel Done Under my Eyes 3 Months Ago. Will time help the wrinkles & pigment?

I had an 8% tca peel done by my dermatologist for some Hyper-pigmentation under my eyes . She did 4 passes I dont remember her neutralizing it. It has... READ MORE

How can I repair my badly damaged and prematurely ageing skin after too many TCA peels?

I'm 27 and about 5 years ago I ordered a tca peel online all up over about 6 months I did about 6 peels (I know way too many) and I have completely... READ MORE

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