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Tca Peel. I Have a White Frost After I Have Rinsed is That Normal? It Still Burns? (photo)

I used 50% tca for a tattoo that i want to remove. there is a white frost over it after i have rinsed it is that normal ? and it still burns. i also... READ MORE

TCA Peel or Laser Treatment for Raised Back Acne Scars?

Is TCA peel recommended for raised acne scars on my back or is laser treatment a better choice? I have a lot of acne scars on my upper back--almost a... READ MORE

White bumps clogged pores. Even squeezing stuff out won't make them go away tried 3 TCA peels and still no difference!

Ive had acne for over 15 years and tried every product under the sun although I don't have that many spots I have major bad clogged pores on my chin... READ MORE

Light white patch two days after TCA peel. Is this normal? (Photo)

I purchaced 25% tca peel from skin obsessions. This is first tca peel I have ever done. I have done lactic/glycolic peels in past. Researched tca... READ MORE

White line in the middle of a TCA burn mark? Caucasian skin (Photos)

I had 4 layers of TCA 10% peel 22 days ago and I still have a few dark patches left over on my neck. However, I am more concerned with the white line... READ MORE

What is the appropriate treatment for hypopigmentation caused by a TCA peel? Will the color go back to normal?

TCA caused my face to have these BIG white, hypopigmented/discolored patches. It has been already 2 months. First question: What can I do to regain... READ MORE

TCA peel 35% post pinkish and whitish patches. Help me. I'm very depressed - what to do?

I have done TCA PEEL 35% only on cheeks area after 4 days the dead skin peeled of completely after that.The skin is pinkish and whitish patches are... READ MORE

2 days ago I had a skincare professional apply 25% TCA to 4 pit scars on my nose. Frost marks have not gone away yet. (Photo)

The frosting was pure white and didn't burn too much. I was told it will go away in a few hours and start to brown. But the frost marks have not gone... READ MORE

30% TCA Peel on Arm Scar. Now It Looks Like a White, Pink Patch. What Can I Do to Get my Color Back?

About 3 months ago I bought a 30% TCA peel to make a scar on my arm better. Right after I used it, I felt it burn. I was told that it was normal and... READ MORE

White bumps after 25% TCA peel (Photo)

Alright so I did a tca peel on my neck elbows and knees it's day 4 and my knees and elbows are reacting fine but now I have little white bumps all... READ MORE

TCA peel 35% four DAYS LATER A PATCH IS STILL MOIST AND WHITE IN COLOR. is this normal? should i do anything for it?

TCA peel 35% THREE DAYS LATER A PATCH IS STILL MOIST AND WHITE IN COLOR. Is it infected? the first day woke up with dry crusted yellow fliud just in... READ MORE

I had a TCA peel, what is expected and when will the skin become ready to peel?

Dear doctors, I did a TCA 45% peel on my cheek at the clinic to remove acne scars, the skin was frosting and turned white, the next day the treated... READ MORE

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