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Strong Disagreement with Plastic Surgeon's TCA Post Peel Advice

I am 28 with minor sun damage on my face which I wanted reversed so i saw a plastic surgeon who put me on 0.1% Retin-A +4% hydroquinone & gave me... READ MORE

Best Treatment for Persistent Redness Following TCA 35% Peel?

I had a TCA 35% over a year ago. Now I have persistent redness in my temporal region. A dermatologist at the Univ. of Iowa diagnosed it as... READ MORE

Best Treatment for Facial Vascular Scar After TCA Peel?

Following a 35% TCA peel done at home with no aftercare, redness developed around my cheek bones and temporal regions and it still remains. This is... READ MORE

Number of TCA Peel Treatments?

How many TCA chemical peel treatments would I need? I've been told they come courses of 4 treatments. Is this right ? READ MORE

Fitzpatrick II-III: Do I Need to Pre-treat for TCA 7, 10, or 15%?

Have had many lactic, glycolic and jessner peels in the past with great results but want to try tca for stubborn age spots. READ MORE

Are there any Drs here that perform TCA Cross method for acne scars in Long Island?

I hear very bad things about the success of the Fraxel laser treatment for icepick/rolling/boxcar acne scars. I've gotten some laser resurfacing... READ MORE

I'm looking for a skin treatment to treat acne scarring and large pores. Dermapen with TCA peel or Laser? (Photos)

I had fraxel in the past 3 treatments with no difference to my skin.The therapist told me she used the fraxel restore.I have had a consultation with a... READ MORE

Should I go for my next TCA treatment? (photos)

Hi All, I need some advice and opinions. Four months ago i had subcision and TCA cross. The results for the most part have been satisfying. I have a... READ MORE

How soon after my TCA CroSS procedure can I begin the eMatrix RF treatment?

I've had ONE tca cross and am about to do another 4 weeks from my first treatment. Of course all these procedures are being done by a dermatologist.... READ MORE

TCA cross Vs microneedling for ice pick scars?

I was interested to know which is best for ice pick scars, TCA cross or micro needling? Or if there are other more effective treatments READ MORE

TCA burn or redness? Do I need a special treatment or just to be patient? (Photos)

I completed a 20% tca peel one month ago (not a home-made one, done py a specialist). It left me with a burn around my lips. One of the mark seems to... READ MORE

How to optimize TCA CROSS after treatment?

What products can you use to optimize the results of TCA CROSS? I have read about using diluted vinegar for cleaning, emu oil, aquaphor, vit C/A/E,... READ MORE

I have hyperpigmentation on my leg from a 35% TCA Peel. Can I get my skin back to normal? (photo)

I used a 35% TCA Peel and it has been about a year. The TCA Peel left major hyperpigmentation on my legs. After that I had a microneedle procedure... READ MORE

Treatments as maintenance after TCA peel?

I had a TCA peel done today at my doctor's. Never experienced this reaction from a TCA peel before; my skin almost IMMEDIATELY got brown blotches all... READ MORE

Following a TCA 35% peel, what regimen can I follow to maintain my results?

I am taking the plunge and I am set to undergo a 35% TCA peel next week. I have been prepping with tretinoin, Hydroquinone, and mild TCA peels for the... READ MORE

What can I do to treat post inframammary hyperpigmentation?

I had acne scars a while back, i bought 25% TCA peel and did it to myself at home. it was really good for the scars but left a slightly darker skin... READ MORE

What is the Best Treatment for Hyperpigmentation After 35% TCA Peel?

2 yrs post 35% TCA peel. Redness persists around cheek bones. Peel was done at home with no aftercare. As of Nov, 2010, esthetician recommends IPL.... READ MORE

How to get help for a TCA Cross procedure that didn't work and created more damage? (Photos)

On March 9th I had TCA Cross procedure completed for the first time on my nose to help reduce the size of a few ice pick scars. Three weeks after the... READ MORE

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