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How Soon After a TCA Peel Can I Use Retin-A?

I did a chemical peel, and now healed and peel and skin is done peeling from the process. How soon can i start using my retin-a micro, and i would... READ MORE

How Long Does It Take to Recover from a TCA 25% Peel?

How long does a TCA 25% peel take to recover? My dr. advised me that it takes 3-4 weeks?  I find this hard to believe since I had the peel 3... READ MORE

How Long After Microdermabrasion Should I Wait to Get a TCA Chemical Peel?

I am 39 yrs old and would like to improve the appearance of my fair skin and diminish the look of fine lines and wrinkles. I recieved gift... READ MORE

Washing the Face with Warm Water After TCA Chemical Peel

When can I start washing my face with warm water going to the Sauna (85 degree heat for 15 minutes) after a TCA Chemical peel? READ MORE

Dark Spot After TCA Peel

I am Asian of Indian origin.I had a 35% TCA about 3 months back.Overall I did see a difference in my skin texture, it looks much smoother. But I have... READ MORE

How Long After 20% TCA Peel Before I Can Safely Have a Facelift/Fat Graft And a 35% TCA Peel?

My recent 20% peel made me really red/swollen and did not even begin to really peel for 5 days and remained quite red for another week or so. There is... READ MORE

How Long Should I Wait After Peel Before Getting Laser Treatment?

I had a medium TCA peel 3 weeks ago and would like to do a Q-switched YAG laser treatment for melasma next. How long should I wait after the peel? Thanks. READ MORE

Could a 35% TCA Peel Cause Botox or Filler to Break Down Faster?

I'm likely getting a 35% TCA peel soon (potentially multiple layers, on face), and would also like some Botox and filler in a couple of areas. If I... READ MORE

TCA 18%. Are Flaking and Peeling Common?

After having a TCA 18% peel, should one be concerned if no flaking or peeling occurs by the thrid or fourth day? If so, is it because a stronger peel... READ MORE

Is Re-applying a 12.5 TCA Peel After 1 Week Too Soon?

I applied 12.5 tca. I'm african american. Experience some flaking around the mouth, a little on the cheek and forhead. I want to apply two layers... READ MORE

Facial After Peel?

How long must I wait to have a facial after a medium TCA peel? Thanks. READ MORE

How Long to Peel on a 20% TCA Peel for the Eyes?

I had a 20% peel around my eyes, upper and lower lids and crows feet. A full 3 days after the peel, the skin around my eyes has become slightly darker... READ MORE

Can I Have TCA Peels if I Have Recently Had Restylane?

After my 6 month accutane course, my acne is cleared. About a month ago, I had Restlyn injected to smooth some acne scars, and now I am interested in... READ MORE

Pink Patch After TCA Peel, How Long Until It Returns to My Dark Skin Tone?

I have pink patchs on my face after my tca peel, how long will it take to go? By the way I have dark skin tone. READ MORE

Can I Use a Glyco-Lac/60 Peel Right Before a Tca Peel?

Can I have a Glyco-Lac 60% Peel, which is a combination of Glycolic (25%) and Lactic (35%) acid along with a 15% TCA peel? Would It make the TCA peel... READ MORE

Hair Removal After TCA Peel

I need to remove hair about 2 weeks after a facial 12.5% TCA peel, but heard waxing should only be done after at least a month. But can I thread the... READ MORE

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