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How Often Can I Repeat a Tca 25% Peel?

Hello,Dr:I performed the 25% tca full face,I neutralized it after I keep the solution on face 2 minutes . 5 weeks have passed ,I want repeat it and I... READ MORE

How Often Can I Have a Chemical Peel?

I just had a 20% TCA peel at my derm's office. She said that TCA would be a little more aggressive than the salicylic, but I've have active acne (not... READ MORE

How often can u do a TCA peel?

I did a 12% TCA Peel and I have only had flaking for the past 5 days since Peel I started flaking day one n continue to flake no significant peeling.... READ MORE

How long should I wait to have TCA cross after 6 months of accutane?

I want to treat my open pores around nose area with tca cross by my dermatologist, is it ok to wait 6 months after off from accutane? Thank you so... READ MORE

Will Lustra Help with Hyperpigmentation After TCA Peel?

I was prescribed Lustra for my hyperpigmentation caused by a 25% TCA peel. She also told me that birth control pills could have been a playing... READ MORE

How long should I wait between 30% TCA peels?

Will three weeks be enough or should it be longer? READ MORE

How Long After an at Home Chemical Peel is It Safe to Try and Get Pregnant?

I'm considering getting pregnant later this year and therefore want to avoid botox and restylene, and other things that seem to stay in the body... READ MORE

How often can I have a TCA 15% peel? (Photo)

Hi there! I have a regimen that I've been doing, which consists of a glycolic and lactic once a week, alternating between the two. At home, so very... READ MORE

How many times can I perform a TCA peel of 15%.

I did it a week ago, and back in 2008 I had one done and I remember the dermatologist did it very frequently with me, and I only had 3 sessions done... READ MORE

Can I do a 15% TCA after doing a 35% glycolic peel just a week apart?

When can you do another glycolic peel after a 15% TCA peel? I've had TCA peels done in the past by a dermatologist. The dermatologist increased it one... READ MORE

Ulthera and TCA peel... Which one first?

I plan to get a 35% TCA peel in my eye area to address undereye wrinkle. In addition, I plan to get Ulthera on full face for overall tightening. In... READ MORE

TCA cross after microneedling.

Can I do the TCA cross 100% right after the microneedling(without fractional frequency )done ? Or do I have to wait longer to do the TCA cross? READ MORE

How often can I use a 30% TCA peel on lower abdomen for stretch marks?

I used a 12.5% TCA peel followed by 30% three weeks later. Neither have frosted and/or peeled. I want to continue, however. How long should I wait in... READ MORE

How long should I wait before I try another tca peel?

About 7 months ago i bought a tca peel kit for the first time as i have freckles on my face, eyes and lips, i did about 4-5 over a 2 month period but... READ MORE

Can I do another TCA peel after 2 weeks?

I had a tca peel a month ago and I've just done another one and started to peel after 2 weeks when I did my first one I was fully healed so after this... READ MORE

I have a lady that is asian who has hormonal hyperpigmentation on both her cheekbone. Would a jessner or TCA help her skin type?

Would a jessner or TCA be good to use on her skin type? Would it go darker to begin with? If needed another how long can she wait and can she have... READ MORE

I had a home TCA 15% Peel 3 weeks ago.Is it okay to use GlycoLactic 60% or should I wait?

My skin has healed, but the hyperpigmentation is still evident. Is it okay to use a Glco-Lactic 60 % now or must I wait? READ MORE

I Am Having a TCA 30% Peel when Do You Suggest I Do the Jessner Peel?

Should I do the Jessner before or after the TCA 30%, in a response you stated a TCA will limit some of the bronzing . Can you explain that statement?... READ MORE

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