Tightness + TCA Peel

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Tightness and Redness After TCA Peel

I applied a home 65% TCA peel to my neck and decolletage area. I wanted GOOD results, but I think now that I may have been too aggressive. Three days... READ MORE

How long does peeling start after a TCA peel?

I recently did a tca 25% peel under my extremely dark armpits. It's been about 2 days I'm experiencing darker and tight skin. I haven't however... READ MORE

How Long to Peel on a 20% TCA Peel for the Eyes?

I had a 20% peel around my eyes, upper and lower lids and crows feet. A full 3 days after the peel, the skin around my eyes has become slightly darker... READ MORE

I bought a 50 percent TCA Peel online. I wanted to use the peel on my stomach area?

I diluted the peel with half quantity of rose water and used it on my stomach area. My skin is tight n flaky but not peeling at all. ( it's day 6... READ MORE

Chemical Peel. Is This Normal?

I did my first ever chemical peel @ home using TCA 15 % today. I did the patch test w/o any reactions. Today I did the full face. It stung for 2-3 min... READ MORE

Should I get a stronger TCA peel or stay at 10%?

I got a TCA peel 4 days ago that was 10% strength. I have not experienced any horrible peeling, however, my skin is a bit tight and dry. I am African... READ MORE

What happens if you apply 20% TCA to the face incorrectly?

I erred in using 20% TCA for a medium peel. I applied it once, waited a minute, then rinsed it off and neutralized it. .... On Day 2 , I applied it... READ MORE

TCA 25%. My face is really tight (Photo)

Ok I don't want to Jump to conclusions, it's only day 2 of my tca peel. But the tca peel went deeper into other areas of my face. My face is really... READ MORE

TCA peel, can I do another one?

I did a 15% TCA Peel July 29th. I did what the instructions told me to do. I left it on for 4 mins I didn't experience much frosting, around my 4 min... READ MORE

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