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I Recently Used a 50% Tca Peel to Remove a Tattoo Its Been 5days and the Tca Still Hasnt Peeled, Why?

Im getting worried because the actual area where i applied the tca now looks like a big burnt scar, there has been no peeling whatsoever yet and its... READ MORE

Tca Peel. I Have a White Frost After I Have Rinsed is That Normal? It Still Burns? (photo)

I used 50% tca for a tattoo that i want to remove. there is a white frost over it after i have rinsed it is that normal ? and it still burns. i also... READ MORE

TCA Peel for Tattoo Removal on African American Skin?

I got a tattoo on my right wrist that says "know thyself" in english and a matching one that says "temet nosce" on the right wrist... READ MORE

Will 50% TCA Help Fade (But Not Remove) my Tattoo? (photo)

I plan on getting laser treatments eventually, but I'm in college right now and very low on cash. I was hoping that 50% TCA could help to somewhat... READ MORE

Tca Peeling After Tattoo Laser Removal PLEASE Help? (photo)

I had a tattoo on my back and I removed it by laser. It was only black and the laser made a good job by removing the ink, BUT now it looks like I have... READ MORE

I put TCA Peel on my tattoo and now looks worse. What treatment would you recommend? (photo)

Please help want to know what I can do about my arm , put tca peel on tattoo to try to take off, cause I hate it so much please help , really just... READ MORE

How can I speed the healing process up for a 80% TCA burn? (Photo)

My boyfriend had to get three little dotted tattoos removed to join the Army but when he went to laser treatment it didn't really do much. He bought... READ MORE

Tattoo face camouflage for me at 9 months? (photos)

Got burned 9 months ago across entire forehead with a chemical peek. Tca to be has not improved since the week it happened. It's still bright... READ MORE

TCA acid tattoo removal. Any suggestions?

I just purchased some TCA acid at a 70% strength to help remove a tattoo which i am currently getting lasered aswell. The tattoo is increadibly deep... READ MORE

Can I get a tattoo over area of redness from TCA peel?

I have gotten a TCA chemical peel on my upper arms for acne scarring. They were red over an extended period of time and i have to apply fade cream to... READ MORE

80% TCA tattoo removal on my hand. Is my case bad, and what should i do? (photo)

Used a q-tip and applied it to the tattoo until it was all covered and washed it off afterwards. And 3 weeks later its sore and deep. Very stiff and... READ MORE

Can you tattoo over an area that's been treated with TCA?

I'm using 15% (if not 15, then 20%) TCA, among other ingredients of course, to remove a little tattoo on my neck. I actually plan to put a "new"... READ MORE

I would like to get rid of my tattoo from my wrist but I don't know what TCA should I use to get rid off!! (photo)

Pretty much I got it yesterday by my brother he starting to do tattoos and we was practising on each other i really wanted it but now that i look at... READ MORE

TCA %30 15 day redness. Is it normal? (Photo)

İts been 15 days since i had tca 30 to remove my eyebrow tattoo. But the redness dont fade yet. Should I be worried? READ MORE

Tattoo Removal and TCA?

I have received laser tattoo removal sessions, and am unhappy with the slow, results that I am receiving. My tattoo is black, and is absorbing the... READ MORE

TCA PEEL? (Photo)

Does a TCA peel help gradually fade a tattoo im thinking about this method because i dont have the funds for laser. Im african american skin type 5. READ MORE

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