Swollen + TCA Peel

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1 Month Post TCA 40% Peel on Face and Still a Little Swollen and Now I Am Getting Darker Around my Mouth and on Cheeks?

ONE MONTH ago I had a 40% TCA peel on face & 25% on neck & chest by board certified dermatologist. My face is still tight, pink, slightly... READ MORE

Tca Peel 3 Days Ago Today I Am Swollen with Crusting and Weeping? (photo)

This large sore has developed today 3days after a tca peel, the peel was done in a reputable salon. It is crusting and weeping and quite swollen, why... READ MORE

I had TCA peel. My face is swollen & have red patches all over my face due to allergic reaction. Is this normal? (photos)

Today face is swollen! Face warm to touch maybe cuz I put ice on it. Red patches all over. Itchy really itchy. Today I only put antibacterial on... READ MORE

Face swollen from TCA peel. Is this normal? (photo)

My face is pathetically swollen from a TCA peel.My eyes are almost closed shut. Is this normal? READ MORE

15% TCA peel. It appears my wrinkles are worse and my skin is less taut. Could this be?

I have used 15% TCA Peel under one eye for Xanthelasma as well as wrinkles. It appears my wrinkles are worse and my skin is less taut. Could this... READ MORE

Exudate from TCA Cross? (photos)

I have performed a 100% TCA cross on my right cheek at home this Sunday. I applied the TCA on Sunday night and I am not sure whether I am suffering... READ MORE

Is this normal 2 days post TCA 30% peel??

I had a 30% TCA peel 2 days ago. I had peels before at 15%, Doctor put strength up to 30%, advised that it would burn more but I had no idea that it... READ MORE

Is this not all for a TCA chemical peel? (Photo)

It's swollen over the spots I had it at and it doesn't hurt very much but it's bruised. It's was a 35% tca peel. This is like 10 hours later. Is that... READ MORE

Medium Depth Peel. (photos)

I stupidly peeled my skin after only 2 days. I had a monheit peel jessner & TCA 35%. I had lower strengths before. She said this was the highest.... READ MORE

TCA 30% peeling, swollen face and starting to peel. (photo)

I had a TCA 30% on saturday & today monday I have swollen face, and even more on my upper cheeks. I was supposed to start peeling on Thursday, because... READ MORE

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