Sun Damage + TCA Peel

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Recommended Interval in Between TCA Peels?

I had developed brown spots as large as a dime all over my face due to sun exposure and hormones. The TCA Chemical peel has helped, but after 2... READ MORE

Treatment for Stubborn Sun Damage on Neck?

I had sun damage (brown spots) on my neck and forearms treated 2 years ago with IPL (4 treatments). My arms responded great, but my neck only... READ MORE

Strong Disagreement with Plastic Surgeon's TCA Post Peel Advice

I am 28 with minor sun damage on my face which I wanted reversed so i saw a plastic surgeon who put me on 0.1% Retin-A +4% hydroquinone & gave me... READ MORE

TCA Peel for Sun Damaged Olive Skin?

I have olive skin with light sun damage, brown freckles, uneven skin tone. Is a TCA peel a good solution for me? READ MORE

TCA Peel for Mexican Skin?

Being a Mexican woman, would a TCA peel be recommend for my skin and what percentage should be used? I am 48 years old and my face has brown spot due... READ MORE

Little Improvement from TCA Peel and Salicylic Peel

I had a 7% TCA Peel and 2% Salicylic Peel 2 weeks ago to remove pigmentation caused by sun damage. The skin is peeling well, but so far I see little... READ MORE

TCA Peel Vs Laser Treatment for Sun Damage?

Which one is better for hyperpigmentation/sun damage? I've heard you can see just as much from a strong TCA peel as you can from a laser. READ MORE

Can a TCA Peel Get Rid of Sun Damage That Has Not Surfaced Yet?

I am getting a rhinoplasty in a few months and I want to do something to improve my skin as well. I am 26 and have a few light brown spots on my skin... READ MORE

How Do I Prepare Myself for my Very First Peel? I Ultimately Want to Do the TCA3%.

Hi, I'm a 24 year old Japanese living in South Africa. I have enlarged pores, uneven skin tone, some acne marks, some lines, and most of all sun... READ MORE

Can I Alternate TCA Peel with Q-switch & Fractional CO2 to Treat Acne Scars, Fine Lines, Sun Damage & Wrinkles?

Can I Alternate TCA Peel with Q-switch & Fractional CO2 to Treat Acne Scars, Fine Lines, Sun Damage & Wrinkles? READ MORE

Can a TCA 35% peel be applied to rosacea skin?

I am scheduled for an upper blepharoplasty and a full face TCA35% peel. I am worried I will have prolonged redness(past the 7 days downtime). I am... READ MORE

How many times can I perform a TCA peel of 15%.

I did it a week ago, and back in 2008 I had one done and I remember the dermatologist did it very frequently with me, and I only had 3 sessions done... READ MORE

Why haven't my peels (from a plastic surgeon) worked? Still sun damaged.

Fine lines around eyes and vertical upper lip lines as well as minor discolorations still persist. Overall skin texture remains unchanged. Why? I am... READ MORE

15% Tca Test Spot?

Alot olot of PIH from using retin a and going out in the sun or picking my face. Esthetician did a 15% tca test spot on me, didnt show any change. She... READ MORE

TCA peel series (Photo)

Im 23 years old with fair skin and a lot of sun damage from sun exposure. my facial skin lost his glowy color and turn into red and brownish. I had a... READ MORE

Will a series of light TCA peels equal the results of a moderate TCA peel for sun damage?

I am 35 years old with sun damage. Fitzpatrick skin type 2/3... Usually get slight burn after the winter and develope a dark tan by end of summer. I... READ MORE

What peel should an African American get to get rid of sun damaged skin?

So I'm a mocha shade of brown. And unfortunately, my face and neck are sun burned. It's literally like my face and neck have a permanent tan. They are... READ MORE

25% TCA peel on sun damaged forearms?

I just bought 25% TCA off Amazon to use on my 50 year old, sun damaged forearms. Thoughts? Thank you. READ MORE

TCA 50% Buffered. Any suggestions?

I have had sun-damaged spots on my face removed successfully with Buffered TCA 50% . I cannot find any place online to buy it. If it is no longer... READ MORE

Is a 15% TCA peel stronger than a 30% glycolic peel? What is the lowest concentration of TCA for texture problems + sun damage?

I am wondering if a 15% TCA peel is stronger than a 30% glycolic peel. Or is there no comparison, because TCA works at a deeper level regardless?... READ MORE

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