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TCA Under Eye Peel-What Percentage?

I am interested in getting an under eye TCA peel by a dermatologist or PS. At 37years old, I have crepe paper wrinkles under my eyes that have been... READ MORE

Chemical Peel On Lower Eyes to Tighten Up the Lax Skin?

Hi there, i want to do a chemical peel on my lower eyes to tighten up the lax skin around the eyelids, id like to know how this process works and what... READ MORE

TCA Peel Strength Recommendation? What is the Max Strength With No Possibility of Complications?

Hello, My derm. recommended a medium 30% TCA (1.8pH) peel for my not very deep acne scars. I've read that a medium peel is either a TCA 50% or a... READ MORE

Will a Lighter TCA Peel Fix Hyperpigmentation Caused from a High TCA Peel?

About 6 weeks ago I did a 45% tca peel on a mark on my back (It was a bit high i know) and it has since fully healed, but it has left a slight dark... READ MORE

TCA or glycolic for lines & wrinkles?

I've been to 2 passes of 15% TCA and i feel it's doing nothing for my lines. When it comes to lines and acne scaring, which is best. TCA or glycolic... READ MORE

Should I get a stronger TCA peel or stay at 10%?

I got a TCA peel 4 days ago that was 10% strength. I have not experienced any horrible peeling, however, my skin is a bit tight and dry. I am African... READ MORE

What strength (%) of TCA peel to remove the dark spots on back in one session? (Photo)

I have been struggling with back acne when I was younger. Right now, I don't get any pimples but was left with many scars. I would like to know what... READ MORE

Should I try and or which TCA peel strength for 62 year old hands?

I've tried the 10% glycolic, 35% lactic acids with no results. READ MORE

Monthly peels to maintain TCA peel results?

Would doing light skin peels such as glycolic acid peels every month or two maintain the results gained from a series of medium strength TCA peels? READ MORE

When should I apply another peel? Or should I just go up in strength? (photo)

I have melasma growing on my forehead. It's really noticeable and I always get asked why I have a black spot there. I have recently done a 15% tca... READ MORE

Do TCA peels bring pigment to the surface?

I just did an at home TCA peel 12.5% strength, I only did a small amount but noticed my areas that have melasma went red and sunburnt looking right... READ MORE

In appropriate hands, can a strong TCA peel be done on hispanic skin?

Type IV skin is not recommended for phenol peeling but I had wanted to try a combination of TCA and jessner's solution layered at 35%.. idk at what... READ MORE

TCA peel under eye, Italian heritage, don't want hyperpigmentation

Hello, want to get tca under eyes only for wrinkles. Slightly darker skin, is it OK to just do under eyes ?, also what strength would work on wrinkles... READ MORE

Getting 8% Tca Peel, Can I Expect Similar Results to Glycolic Peel at 20%?

After doing sum research,I have decided to do the 8% tca peel.I have already done glycolic acid at 20 %. The glycolic acid really changed the texture... READ MORE

Cumulative 20% TCA peels vs stronger TCA peels?

Will I get improvements to skin texture by having a series of 20% TCA peels, or do I have to have increasingly strong TCA strengths, i.e. 20% then 30%... READ MORE

Is it more effective to layer your peel or use a higher strength?

I have been doing three layers of 20% TCA peels for several months (1 peel every 4-5 weeks, 4 total peels now). I started with one layer the first... READ MORE

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