Skin Texture + TCA Peel

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TCA Burns: Will It Scar?

I had an 18% TCA peel done a week ago for acne scarring. It was done by a trained nurse/beautician who has her own clinic & it cost me 300e. She... READ MORE

How Can I Restore my Skin Texture and Pigment Back to Normal?

I did a 25% tca peel (spot treatment) 1 layer on my left cheek and when it peeled it was pink... I'm a african american female with dark skin so it... READ MORE

Will TCA Fix Purple Leathery Skin Under Eye with Unnatural Texture?

I have purplish leathery skin around the inside of my eyes and the texture along the path seems uneven as if healed wrong. The skin seems dull. It... READ MORE

Will a TCA peel fix textural damage six months after Palomer non ablative laser? (photo)

My main issue is with texture and the pinholes the laser has left behind . It is very hard to ever capture on camera because the scarring is micro and... READ MORE

I have had 2 TCA 45% peels done with little to no results and discoloration any advice? (photos)

My cheek areas are brownish looking now and texture of my face after 2 peels is still not a good result and cheeks never seem to peel can you give me... READ MORE

How to better keep results of a TCA medium peel?

I am going to have a medium deep TCA peel to improve the texture of my skin, improve wrinkles and have a bit of a lifting effect. How do I keep the... READ MORE

Would a TCA peel help smooth texture from shallower pitted acne scars that are improving from microneedling?

My acne scars have improved from microneedling (still continuing this tx). With inside lighting, I can only see my deeper scars but in direct... READ MORE

I Had my First TCA Peel 18 Days Ago, and Skin Looks Worse?

I have followed the after care advise of my dermatologist but my skin looks considerably worse. I have new fine lines, my pores are bigger and texture... READ MORE

Would a TCA peel restore laser damaged skin texture from Palomar Icon 1540 laser 5 months ago?

I suffered chicken pox last year and had several spots of my face treated with a Palomar Icon 1540. It was the highest setting, the grid marks joined... READ MORE

Cumulative 20% TCA peels vs stronger TCA peels?

Will I get improvements to skin texture by having a series of 20% TCA peels, or do I have to have increasingly strong TCA strengths, i.e. 20% then 30%... READ MORE

Burn after 35% TCA peel. Skin color and texture changed. It's still red after 2 months. (Photo)

I previously had tca peels with no results and no complications even. This time I tried 35% tca patch test near eyebrow. But immediately after... READ MORE

Incremental TCA treatment plan. Is this regimen safe?

I have tolerated a previous TCA peel a few years ago well. I am planning a series of 3 peels. Ist peel: Jessners on face, neck & chest to build up... READ MORE

I am just starting to see veritcal lines above lip, beginning of crows feet and uneven skin texture and tone

Could i benefit from Dermaplaning, with lactic acid, or dermaplaning and a tca peel? READ MORE

What will repair skin/orange peel texture damaged from laser? I also have some brown spots but they're faint. (photos)

I would like to improve texture, pores, and skin tone. I had 4 Pixel laser treatments and it harmed my skin, I can still see the pixel grid marks from... READ MORE

Effectiveness of Jessner peel + 20% TCA?

Apparently a combination of Jessners with TCA gives the results of a medium strength peel without the risks of TCA above 35%. I have read not to go... READ MORE

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