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Was the 50% TCA Chemical Peel Too Strong?

I am about to turn 40, and a friend insisted that she could take nearly 10 years off of my face through a 50% TCA Chemical Peel. Everything seemed... READ MORE

Are the Red Raw Spots Normal After 35% TCA Peel?

TCA peel - My skin didn't really resembled leather or turn brown; it was just flaky. Now I have a few red areas that look like raw skin. They are very... READ MORE

Did 50% TCA Peel Cause Brown Discolorations on Abdomen?

I used 50% TCA peel on my abdomen a week ago. The skin initially frosted and burned quite a bit and started to flake off soon after. However the... READ MORE

Will a Burn from a 20% TCA Chemical Peel Cause Scarring?

Can a 20% TCA peel cause permanent pigmentation discoloration? If it burns will it scar? READ MORE

Could a TCA Chemical Peel Cause Larger Pores?

I had a TCA peel 25%, done by myself. I applied 2 coats and didn't noticed any frosting, however I rinsed it and used a neutralizer formula (baking... READ MORE

Need Help Following Accidental Applicational of TCA for Warts on Skin on Neck and Face

My wife has tried wartner gel pen for application to two warts one on neck and one on face but didn't know it was very powerful, some has spread... READ MORE

Does TCA 10% Peel Cause Hyperpigmentation?

I have purchased TCA 10% home kit. Will it leave brown spots and hyper-pigmentation on my delicate wheat colored skin? I wanted to use it for... READ MORE

TCA Peel Side Effects

What are the possible side effects with TCA peels? Are there risks or complications involved with TCA peels? I just want to know what I'm getting into... READ MORE

Is TCA Peel Safe After Cortisone Injection?

Can I have 35% TCA peel (one month later) after I had cortisone injection? I had cortisone injection for treating the inflammable acne last month and... READ MORE

TCA peel side effect there is further indentation on scar from trauma, is this a part of the healing process?

I have an indented scar on my nostril line from a nose piercing. It is indented and discoloured. I purchased Tca peel 25% and dabbed twice with a... READ MORE

TCA acid tattoo removal. Any suggestions?

I just purchased some TCA acid at a 70% strength to help remove a tattoo which i am currently getting lasered aswell. The tattoo is increadibly deep... READ MORE

Dark Purple Colour Patch On My Back After TCA Peel?

I have had a 18% TCA peel and day 2 have noticed a dark purple colour patch on my back. What is this? Will the skin peel or will the colour patch... READ MORE

35% TCA Peel and Allergic Reaction After with Hyperpigmintation, How Can I Speed Up Recovery?

I had a 35% TCA Peel around my eyes and a lower Blef by a PS one month ago. I used bacatracine on my peel per my PS. I had a severe allergic reaction... READ MORE

What should I expect following days? How to get rid of this dark patches? How long will it take to recover? (Photos)

When my skin start to peel? How to decrease the color of the dark patches ? Please do help me. Is there any side effects I'll face ? So worried :'( READ MORE

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