Scarring + TCA Peel

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2nd Tca Cross Treatment It's Been Almost 2 Weeks and Scars Are Still There Will They Continue to Improve More?

I just had my second treatment of tca cross done, two weeks this Friday I've had more improvement but there still there! will I continue to see... READ MORE

How Do You Prepare for a 12.5% TCA Peel?

How do you prepare the skin so you do not have discolorations or scars after a TCA Peel? READ MORE

TCA Chemical Peel 2 Days Ago On Stomach For Stretch Marks? (photo)

2 days ago i did a 50% TCA peel on my stomach stretch marks. I have done peels in the past with great results. Right now the majority of my stomach is... READ MORE

Recovering from Bad TCA Peel Results

I had a 32% tca peel about 6 years ago. It left me with several types of scarring. Hyper/hypo pigmentation, depressions, stripe-like and a rhorsach... READ MORE

Safe to Use TCA Peel to Remove Tattoo on Foot?

With removing tattoos on top of the foot, is a stronger solution necessary to get results? Is it safe to use TCA Peel on this area? Will there be... READ MORE

How to Remove Scars, Dark Spots and Discolored Legs? (photo)

I have extremely bad scars (the largest from and accident) and dark spots on my legs from mosquito bites and itching. So much so that my whole lower... READ MORE

TCA 15% Applied on Right Cheek and Has Left a Dark Brown Scar?

Hi a month back I had undergone a TCA 15% peel from a dermatologist on my right cheek. The frosting was for a day and after a week I could anticipate... READ MORE

20% TCA Peel on neck and chest. Will I scar? (Photo)

20% TCA peel performed at a dermatologist's office by an assistant, not by the doctor. Is this normal? Will I heal? Will I scar? These photos are from... READ MORE

40% TCA spot treatment caused hyper pigmentation or hypopigmentation. Will there be scarring?

I'm even more confused then b4! I'm 31days post TCA peel and after Consulting 2 dermatologist and burn unit at the ER I still don't have a direct... READ MORE

How to fix my skin from TCA peel gone wrong?

Today is Day 26 post 40% TCA peel, I'm afraid that my skin is damage and need help or advice on how I can correct this terrible mistake. I'm not sure... READ MORE

30% TCA home peel went wrong, the area under my eyes is frosted, sore & red around the edges. How can I prevent scarring?(photo)

This is my 2nd 30% peel after many low % home peels and it has been over 6 months since my last one. The burn was much more intense than previously... READ MORE

Can an African American get a TCA 10% peel done, then a TCA 20% done the next week (7 days apart)? (Photo)

Hi, I'm an African American female who has had about 3 glycolic acid peels in the past year and just did a 10%TCA peel this week on Monday. Since... READ MORE

Burnt my Face with a 30% Tca Peel, What Can I Put on It to Prevent Scarring? (photo)

I am half black, half lebanese and tried to do spot treatment on my ice pick/boxar acne scars and unfortunately burnt my face pretty badly. I went to... READ MORE

I got a chemical acid peeling at my legs and butt, A skin layer got peeled off then left with a dark scar? Is this normal?

I am left with the dark color scar so I applied olive oil for a week then, 1- "Bio-Taches Emulsion" twice a day for a month 2- Homecare Melanin... READ MORE

30% Tca Peel Left my Face a Scared Up Mess, What Can I Do?

After i got a 30% tca peel by a plastic surgeon, i now am diagnosed with roceasia, adult acne, i have scaring including one flattened shinny burned... READ MORE

Scar and Irritated Skin After Picking Up After a Chemical Peel?

After following indication from a friend, I did a chemical peel at home. Two days after the peel, I started picking up the skin. Then I noticed that... READ MORE

Can my tca scarring be fixed with lasers? (photo)

I had a TCA peel on my neck and chest over a year ago. It has left me with pigmentation unevenness and textural changes, and my chest is much lighter... READ MORE

African American Male- Tca Peel 25% Left Big Brown Spots, What Can I Do?

I'm an African american male light skinned I have a real big problem with picking my acme and had realbad scarring So I used a 25% TCA Peel love... READ MORE

How Soon After a New Scar is Created, Can You Get TCA Cross Done? (photo)

I have just created a little wound in my cheek and from experience this will turn into a box/ ice pick scar. TCA cross has worked really well on my... READ MORE

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