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TCA Chemical Peel Safe for Under Eye Use?

I would like to do something to get rid of fine lines under my eyes. I have done an at-home 20% TCA peel on my entire face before, but I avoided the... READ MORE

At Home TCA Peel 50% Safe?

Is it safe to give myself a 50% TCA peel? What sort of risks are there with this type of at home peel? READ MORE

Is 30% TCA Peel Safe for African American Skin?

I would like to use the 30% TCA peel for my stretch marks that appear lighter than my skin tone. I am a dark skinned African American. Will this be... READ MORE

Is It Safe to Do a 50% TCA Peel on my Arm?

I have very dry skin and I want to improve the texture of the kin on my arm. I tried 25% but it did nothing. When I say my arm, I mean my whole arm... READ MORE

Safe to Use TCA Peel to Remove Tattoo on Foot?

With removing tattoos on top of the foot, is a stronger solution necessary to get results? Is it safe to use TCA Peel on this area? Will there be... READ MORE

How Safe is It to Do TCA Peel at Home?

I have read people doing TCA Peel themselves. Can it be done outside a doctors office? How safe is it? READ MORE

Will TCA peel on someone with HIV take longer to heal?

Well a glycolic or tca peel done on a person with hiv take longer to heal,and is their any particular percentage that is safer to use. READ MORE

Is It Safe to Get a TCA Peel After Radiesse?

Is it OK to get a TCA Peel a week after Radiesse injections? (All is well with the injections - no problems) READ MORE

Can I get a TCA chemical peel done while on minocycline?

I am on 100 mg of minocycline twice a day. Would it be safe to get a chemical peel done for my acne scaring? READ MORE

Is TCA PEEL is Safe?

Is it safe to have TCA peel? I am so depressed, I have blemishes near both eyes in butterfly patch. I have dark and sensitive skin. I use cosmelan for... READ MORE

I have been using 4% Hydroquinone for PIH, how long can I safety use the hydroquionone before I need to take a break?

The PIH occurred following a TCA peel, I have pale skin tone but have a tendency to pigment easily, I have been using the hydroquinone for 3 months... READ MORE

Is TCA 20% peel safe for Indian skin? (photos)

I am an Indian 22 yr female suffering from acne complexion is brown. I wanted to know is TCA 20% peeling safe for Indian skin. The doctor... READ MORE

Are TCA Peel Home Kits Safe?

Good day, I am interested in trying a TCA peel at 8% at home. Is this a bad idea or safe for home use? I have been doing glycolic peels at 30% with no... READ MORE

Is TCA Peel Safe to Use on a Daily Basis?

Is it safe to use a low percent (8-15%) TCA peel on a daily basis? I just had a Vi Peel and I am trying to figure out a regiment to help continue results. READ MORE

Is it safe to do a TCA peel on the skin with vitiligo spots?

I am 78 year old I have vitiligo on my arms, hands and face. I want to do TCA peel for re-jubilation, is it safe foru face with vitiligo? Thank you READ MORE

Is it safe to still do a TCA peel after my last experience with it?

I'm 40 yo and I had four 15% TCA peels done early this year then I tried a 20% peel. Foolishly, I tried to encourage the peeling process by applying... READ MORE

Is It Safe to Have a 25% TCA Peel Before Doing a TCA Cross Method for Scars Removal ?

GD,I had juvederm into an old depressive scar which had been unsuccessfully treated 15 years ago by a dermabrasion and unfortunately,the scar is still... READ MORE

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