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At Home TCA Peel 50% Safe?

Is it safe to give myself a 50% TCA peel? What sort of risks are there with this type of at home peel? READ MORE

Risk of Hypopigmentation in TCA Cross

I was planning to get TCA Cross on my scars, but one doctor told that I risk hypopigmentation. Is this true? READ MORE

TCA Peel for Fair Skin?

Is it true that TCA peels are for darker skin? I read on a blog that it's risky to have this treatment if a person has fair skin. I have fair skin, a... READ MORE

50% TCA/Jessner's Chemical Peel?

Is a 50% TCA/Jessner's chemical peel considered a medium or deep level peel? I had one done by an ENT (Board certified in Ear, Nose, Throat, Head and... READ MORE

How Likely is It to Get Scars with a 25% TCA Peel, if Done Properly?

I've been reading all the reviews for TCA Peel and it seems that 50% of those who get the treatment have bad results. I'm afraid of being one of those... READ MORE

Is It Safe to Get a TCA Peel After Radiesse?

Is it OK to get a TCA Peel a week after Radiesse injections? (All is well with the injections - no problems) READ MORE

TCA Peels - What happens if you peel the skin prematurely?

TCA Peels - What will happen if you peel the skin prematurely? Aside from the risk of scarring and inflicting nicks or little wounds? Thank you so... READ MORE

I've had ice picks scars for a while. They are dark and right in between my nose. Where do I go to get this treatment?

Who do i go to get this treatment ? whats the price range? is it risky? is there other options? READ MORE

Does TCA Peeling stimulate melasma?

I tend to develop melasma when taking the pill, which I why I immediatly stopped taking it. I have no melasma at the moment and it was only minor at... READ MORE

TCA peel after fat transfer?

Would it be risky to do a TCA peel right after getting fat transfered into my face ?, would just be nice so I wouldnt have to take as much time off work READ MORE

Is it safe for me to have a TCA peel? I've never had one before

The estheticians recommend a series of glycolic peels first.Shouldn't they be able to adjust the strength safely of a tca? READ MORE

Is there a point when doing too many TCA Cross treatments can be damaging to the skin?

I've had three TCA cross treatments on a acne pore. Is there is risk of making the scar worse instead of improving it if I continue to have more... READ MORE

30% TCA on Irish/Greek skin?

Dear Doctors: I am considering getting a 30% TCA peel for fine lines and some color issues. I am worried about hyper pigmentation afterwards. My... READ MORE

Is It Safe to Have a 25% TCA Peel Before Doing a TCA Cross Method for Scars Removal ?

GD,I had juvederm into an old depressive scar which had been unsuccessfully treated 15 years ago by a dermabrasion and unfortunately,the scar is still... READ MORE

Have you witnessed depressed (acne) scars get worse from TCA cross?

Of course any procedure has its risks, but i am curious whether this is common. Have any practitioners who perform TCA cross seen patients whos... READ MORE

Can I use a 30% TCA peel as my first peel? (Photo)

I am a brown skinned African American male and I have sun hyper pigmentation on the sides of my face and around my eyes (not as extreme) from golfing.... READ MORE

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