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11th Day Post 30% TCA Peel: Very Red and Looks Like Scarring

I had a 30% tca peel. I didn't hardly peel and not at all on my cheeks.It didn't improve any flaws on my face. I can see blackheads starting... READ MORE

Normal for Face to Be Dark After a TCA Peel?

I had a TCA peel two weeks ago. My skin started peeling a day or so later and carried on peeling for ten days after. It has now been 15 days since, my... READ MORE

Peeled Too Soon After TCA Peel

I peeled my skin too soon after i used the tca skin is now very red..what can i do prevent having permanet skin discoloration? READ MORE

I'm 3 Days into my Peel and Am Getting Mixed Messages on Moisturizing or Not?

I had a TCA peel that was preceded by a jessner peel. My skin is very flaky and red. I've been given mixed messages as to whether or not I should... READ MORE

I have very dark red splotchy capillary-looking areas after 30% TCA chest peel. Is this normal? (photos)

I had a 30% tca peel done on my face and chest. My face is splotchy and tight the way it has been in the past. It's red and all gross and glassy... READ MORE

I Did a TCA Peel Myself and Took It off Early,my Face is Red and Tender, Will This Go Away?

I did a 25% TCA chemical peel 2 days ago and it did as I expected. When my skin turned brown and became leathery some of it started to peel. I went to... READ MORE

45% TCA Peel, Results Normal?

I just did a 45% TCA peel and am alarmed. It turned my face completely white for 30 mins and burned like crazy. Now my face it so red, sensitive, and... READ MORE

Will my skin get back to my OWN color after my skin has completed peeling? Right after my TCA peel I got dark marks. (photo)

Right after my (first and last) TCA peel, my skin felt burned and was red. One hour later the red parts turned brown.. Browner and browner. It feels... READ MORE

I ruined my face with a chemical peel. (photos)

I had done 25% tca peel on me...not to long ago. After I had done the tca,I took off my peel right after was really pink,red and sore. It's... READ MORE

I had TCA peel. My face is swollen & have red patches all over my face due to allergic reaction. Is this normal? (photos)

Today face is swollen! Face warm to touch maybe cuz I put ice on it. Red patches all over. Itchy really itchy. Today I only put antibacterial on... READ MORE

30% TCA home peel went wrong, the area under my eyes is frosted, sore & red around the edges. How can I prevent scarring?(photo)

This is my 2nd 30% peel after many low % home peels and it has been over 6 months since my last one. The burn was much more intense than previously... READ MORE

Why does my face flush from pink to red on certain days? (Photo)

I had a deep chemical peel 48 days ago. My healing is going very well. Most days I see the redness fading to pink, but then I will flush red for... READ MORE

What happens if you apply 20% TCA to the face incorrectly?

I erred in using 20% TCA for a medium peel. I applied it once, waited a minute, then rinsed it off and neutralized it. .... On Day 2 , I applied it... READ MORE

Will a 20% tca peels help clogged pores? (Photo)

Ive had acne nearly 15 years tried facial washes cream alsorts. Ive been to the doctors and nothing works!. Although now my acne is mainly oily skin... READ MORE

48 hours after 20% TCA peel. Is this normal? (Photo)

I recently got a 20% TCA peel. It's been almost 48 hours (Sept. 5, around 7pm). My forehead and chin have browned nicely but my cheeks are red-brown.... READ MORE

Elidel after harsh TCA peel? What about topical NSAIDs?

Without getting into details because it's too upsetting, I had what should have been a light peel two days ago. The wrong bottle? Strength? Who knows,... READ MORE

TCA Peel 15%; Is there anything to speed it up or is this just going to take forever? (photos)

Hi, I had a TCA Peel on Sunday. Two layers of 15%. Face obviously went very red and only frosted on my jaw line and nose. I am now left with skin... READ MORE

Hot, red and stingy 4th day post TCA peel on my hands and arms. How long to heal a deep TCA peel?

Is the red, hot and stingy sensation post 40% TCA peel 4 days ago on my fair skinned hands and lower arms to be expected? Frosting occurred at 37:00.... READ MORE

Did I burn and ruin my skin with a 25% TCA Peel? (photos)

I just performed a 25% TCA peel about 3 days ago. I may have swiped my gauze pad over my skin a little too much. I started to frost and left it on for... READ MORE

Help! Got 2 light TCA peels in 2 months time and now the skin of my face is brown/red and neck is normal color. What's wrong?

Help! Got 2 light TCA peels in 2 months time and now the skin of my face is brown/red and neck is normal color! I prepared my skin with 0,05% retin A... READ MORE

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