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How Do You Prepare for a 12.5% TCA Peel?

How do you prepare the skin so you do not have discolorations or scars after a TCA Peel? READ MORE

Peeled Too Soon After TCA Peel

I peeled my skin too soon after i used the tca skin is now very red..what can i do prevent having permanet skin discoloration? READ MORE

How to Avoid Scarring from 15% TCA Peel on Cheeks?

I received a 15% TCA peel and experienced some swelling and lines on my cheeks. They also got a bit crusty and look like they are going to scar. I am... READ MORE

I did TCA 35% home peel 24 hours ago. I got a sore and heterogeneous coloration. What can I do to avoid scars or spots? (Photo)

I did TCA 35% home peel 24 hours ago by myself. Im using sunblock, Eau Thermale Avène, and neutral moisturizer for babies.I only left the acid act ... READ MORE

TCA peel went too deep - blisters - how do I prevent it from scarring? (Photo)

Here's a photo. What do you think? Will it scar and what can I do to prevent/minimize scarring? It has blisters, which means it's definitely a 2nd... READ MORE

How can I prevent scarring from TCA peel? (Photo)

I recently did a 25% TCA peel on my chest to remove a tattoo. I think I caused a second degree burn but I need it to heal without scarring because... READ MORE

How to avoid a being burnt with a 25% TCA peel on a black skin?

I am black and am planning on doing a 25% tca peel on my face at home. And I don't want to get burnt. What are the things you would advice I do. And I... READ MORE

What can be done to prevent scarring from this TCA peel that went too deep? (Photo)

I have some small blisters all over my upper cheek area, thanks to a TCA peel gone wrong? From the photo, what do you think? What can I do to prevent... READ MORE

Burnt my Face with a 30% Tca Peel, What Can I Put on It to Prevent Scarring? (photo)

I am half black, half lebanese and tried to do spot treatment on my ice pick/boxar acne scars and unfortunately burnt my face pretty badly. I went to... READ MORE

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