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Has my TCA peel gone wrong? It's been about 7 days but I've been left with pink skin patches. Was this meant to happen? (Photo)

It's been about 7 days since I did my tca peel and it has all peeled off, however I have dark skin and I've been left with pink pal skin underneath... READ MORE

1 Month Post TCA 40% Peel on Face and Still a Little Swollen and Now I Am Getting Darker Around my Mouth and on Cheeks?

ONE MONTH ago I had a 40% TCA peel on face & 25% on neck & chest by board certified dermatologist. My face is still tight, pink, slightly... READ MORE

I had a TCA cross done at the doctors office about a week ago: Recovery question.

Had TCA cross done at the doctors office about a week ago, the scabs fell of two days ago and the holes look deeper and wider.She used a needle to... READ MORE

I ruined my face with a chemical peel. (photos)

I had done 25% tca peel on me...not to long ago. After I had done the tca,I took off my peel right after was really pink,red and sore. It's... READ MORE

Q-switched Laser After Peel?

Hello, I had a TCA peel (medium) on my face two weeks ago. It is healed, just some pinkness. I have melisma and was hoping the peel would help, but... READ MORE

My skin has started peeling prematurely! What should I do? (Photo)

I did a TCA peel last month so I decided to do it again. I have not faced such complications the last time. Basically, this is the third day (I got my... READ MORE

Pink skin after a tca 25% peel. (photo)

I've had a tca peel 25% under my eye area and it's been a week since, now all the dead skin has peeled off but the skin is now really pink, how long... READ MORE

Why does my face flush from pink to red on certain days? (Photo)

I had a deep chemical peel 48 days ago. My healing is going very well. Most days I see the redness fading to pink, but then I will flush red for... READ MORE

Results and recovery time after 25% spot peeling of acne scars?

I used 25 % TCA peel 3 days back. The scabs were formed in few hours. Almost all scabs have fallen off. But the places were scabs were present are... READ MORE

TCA peel 35% post pinkish and whitish patches. Help me. I'm very depressed - what to do?

I have done TCA PEEL 35% only on cheeks area after 4 days the dead skin peeled of completely after that.The skin is pinkish and whitish patches are... READ MORE

At-home TCA 100%: post-treatment redness. How long will this take to go away and what should I do to help my skin heal? (Photos)

I'm afraid of asking the question because of the mean comments by professional doctors out there, but I have to ask. I did a... READ MORE

15% Tca Peel on Afro-caribbean 21 Year Old? (photo)

I did a 15% tca peel about 5 days ago on certain parts of my face where I had blemishes/hyperpigmentation. My skin is still peeling and the new skin... READ MORE

Will the pink change on its own? (Photo)

Hello DONT BE TO HARD ON ME! I did a tca peel on 10/6/14, I wanted to know will the pink patch change on its own? I have Neosporin, Desonide 5%,... READ MORE

7 days post op TCA peel, my skin turned pink. Will the color come back?

Been 7 days since applied a 25% tca peel at home, skin has turned brown, dried up and peeling off at its own pace, i have noticed tho that my cheeks... READ MORE

I did 50% TCA Peel. Why is some of the skin is pink and lighter than brown complexion?

I know I am not supposed to peel it but I did because it was itching and the skin was coming off. It actually was coming off and came off very... READ MORE

100% tca peel on my mole, it dried but under the mole weird pink skin appeared, it doesn't look like a scar. (photos)

It doesn't look like a wound, it kinda looks like just a pink mole- just smaller and brither than how the mole was before I've used the peel. I want... READ MORE

Is raw skin normal after 12,5 % TCA peeling?

Yesterday I had a 12,5 % tca peel done at a clinic. At home I experienced redness and some stinging. The redness faded quite a bit the next day, only... READ MORE

Pink and white patches after TCA peel 35%?

Now im using mometasone and retin a for white and pink patches that come from that peel plz help me READ MORE

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