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Are Burn Marks from TCA Peel Permanent?

I had some patches of hyperpigmentation on both sides of my face and so I applied one layer of 20% tca solution on both patches. Pictures included.... READ MORE

30% TCA Peel on chest and arm, I think I have caused permanent damage. What should I do? (Photo)

These photos are in day 4. But as you can see my chest looks horrible burnt and sore. There is no peeling on my chest and sore to the touch. I think... READ MORE

Broken Capillaries After TCA Peel

I had a TCA chemical and am on day 4 of recovery. My skin is very red and tender where the skin has peeled off which I expected. I do however have... READ MORE

How Can I Correct Burn Scars from 50% TCA Chemical Peel?

Hello, I did a 50% at home chemical peel. It was from a 100% grade, I was instructed to do 50%. However, later I learned that this is too high, and... READ MORE

How long will it take for my skin to come back to normal color after 30% tca peel?

I got a chemical peel a week ago and now all the skin is peeled off and my skin is left very discolored. I have serious hypopigmentation and redness.... READ MORE

Scars from a TCA Peel, Are They Permanent?

I had my first TCA peel two weeks ago.The doctor used 30% TCA for a minute or even less.I see skin texture improvements but I've noticed that now... READ MORE

Did I permanently discolor my face with a TCA peel? (photo)

I am a black female and my coworker and I did a tca peel on my face Its been two weeks today and it's very dark and splotchy Some spots are light I... READ MORE

Burn scar from 25% TCA 6 months ago, and it's not healing. Is it permanent? (Photo)

So I did a foolish self treatment of tca peel on my forehead and burned my skin .this was 6 months ago.the skin is still pink and not improved since... READ MORE

Have I Caused Permanent Damage After TCA Peel? (photo)

Hello I did a tca peel on Sunday and it is now day 6 which is Saturday. My skin was healing fine, but last night I have noticed grayish\ dark pink... READ MORE

I ruined my face with a chemical peel. (photos)

I had done 25% tca peel on me...not to long ago. After I had done the tca,I took off my peel right after was really pink,red and sore. It's... READ MORE

I used 80 TCA on my hands. I did not dilute. My hands are wrinkled very badly. Will they go back to normal?

I used 80%tca on my hands for 1 minutes. I then neutralized. It burned as usual. I have only done one application. My skin is not dis colored red pink... READ MORE

How Do I Know if PIH from a Chemical Peel is Permanent?

In what situations would post inflammatory hyperpigmentaion from a chemical peel be permanent? I am fair skinned and a TCA 25% peel I performed on my... READ MORE

Eyebrow semi-permanent tattoo (Embroidery) Will removal with TCA Peel work? (Photo)

I had my eyebrows semi-permanently tattooed in November 2013 and am not very happy with the results. I was hoping that it would fade to a more natural... READ MORE

Are the white spots permanent? (photo)

I am a darkskinned woman, i did a 25% tca peel at home, now 5 days later my skin is hard, but when i laugh my skin peels loose, and now i have white... READ MORE

Tear Fall During 30% TCA Peel Stained Cheeks With Red Streaks, Is This Permanent?

I recently had a 30% TCA peel 3 weeks ago. Because of the extreme pain I felt during the application of the peel, my tears fell on my cheek (the brown... READ MORE

Dark Purple Colour Patch On My Back After TCA Peel?

I have had a 18% TCA peel and day 2 have noticed a dark purple colour patch on my back. What is this? Will the skin peel or will the colour patch... READ MORE

Did I Get A Permanent Burn with At-Home 15% TCA Peel?

I have done about 14 TCA peels on my face, 15% solution. I did a few spot treatments on some persistent acne marks. I daubed the TCA on with a Q-tip.... READ MORE

White Patches on my Face from 18% TCA Peel Permanent?

I did an 18% tca peel on my face a few months ago and applied two layers, but the area around my nose that heavily frosted is a lot lighter than the... READ MORE

Got Deep Burn from Tca Peel on Elbow, Is It Possible this Will Permanently Scar?

I got tca peel done on my elbow to remove hyper pigmentation. The 1st peel went fine but got deep burn on 2nd peel. The area turned deep brown purle... READ MORE

Hypopigmentation After 18% TCA Peel

A few months ago I did an 18% TCA peel. I think I left it on for too long because I have been left with hypopigmentation in the areas that heavily... READ MORE

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