Pain + TCA Peel

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How to Fix Burns from 20% at Home TCA Peel?

I did a 20% TCA Peel at home (Tuesday night). I might have overdone it and out of stupidity, I scraped it (Thursday morning) and it revealed a pinkish... READ MORE

Tca Peel and Anesthesia

What is the strongest % TCA peel that can be used on the face without the use of anesthesia or pain pills. READ MORE

I have pain, redness and itchiness after a mild TCA peeling. How long am I supposed to be with these symptoms? (Photo)

Today is my second day after the peeling and I can't stand the pain in my face. I feel like is on fire. The redness and the itchiness is getting worse... READ MORE

What is the highest percentage of TCA used by doctor's your face?

I am very interested in getting a tca peel but heard it hurts. Plus, a colleague of mine whose husband is an intern told her there are different... READ MORE

Pain and swelling after 60% tca peel? (photo)

I used tca 70% for scars on whole forearm. I may painted layers back and forth with a brush. stung 20 minutes. was told didn't need to neutraluze as... READ MORE

Is this normal 2 days post TCA 30% peel??

I had a 30% TCA peel 2 days ago. I had peels before at 15%, Doctor put strength up to 30%, advised that it would burn more but I had no idea that it... READ MORE

No insurance, TCA peel gone wrong. Options? (photo)

I bought a 20% TCA peel online i prepped my skin for a few weeks then applied the promo which frosted really fast and sleet it on for 3 minutes. Today... READ MORE

Need help choosing most effective numbing cream and pain medicine for a strong TCA?

Hi, I recently went in for a 30% TCA peel and because they didnt numb my face cause alot of skin burning, stinging and pain. They told me that I... READ MORE

What treatment would be suggested to get rid of these scar and bad skin? (photos)

I have done 2 treatment of Microlaser peel with TCA - maybe a 5% improvement for so much pain and discomfort. READ MORE

Dark circles that developed after chest pain. TCA peel or CO2 peel or dermapen?

Developed dark circles under eyes after hear problems. Is it thinned skin? Anyway what can help it? TCA peel or C02 peel? Dermapen or microneedling?... READ MORE

Scar and Irritated Skin After Picking Up After a Chemical Peel?

After following indication from a friend, I did a chemical peel at home. Two days after the peel, I started picking up the skin. Then I noticed that... READ MORE

Will TCA chemical peel get rid of warts on the hand?

My daughter has over 50 warts on her hand which are very painfull. She has tried a few treatments which hasnt helped. She is desperate to get rid of... READ MORE

Used 100% TCA peel and as soon as I applied it, it turned frosty white. When will it peel off? How long am I to wait? (photo)

It was quite painful and burningI had it on for about 3/4 minutes and after washed it with cold water only and the next day I have a very dark almost... READ MORE

What Can I Expect (As Far As "Stay at Home", "Pain") for an 8% TCA Chemcial Home Peel?

What Can I Expect (As Far As "Stay at Home", "Pain") for an 8% TCA Chemcial Home Peel? READ MORE

Pain after TCA 30% Chemical Peel? (Photo)

Hello and all, Two days ago I did a 30% TCA peel on myself to remove my "severe ingrown hair scars" and now I am experiencing pain on my leg. If I... READ MORE

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