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I Recently Used a 50% Tca Peel to Remove a Tattoo Its Been 5days and the Tca Still Hasnt Peeled, Why?

Im getting worried because the actual area where i applied the tca now looks like a big burnt scar, there has been no peeling whatsoever yet and its... READ MORE

Raw Red Skin After TCA Peel

A few days ago, I did an at home 35% TCA peel with a 100% cross treatment. My skin didn't turned brown and there has only been a little bit of peeling... READ MORE

Day 5 After Tca Peel? Is the Redness and White Patches Normal? (photo)

I had a tca peel done 5 days ago, i know i shouldnt have but ive been helping the skin along by peeling some parts that were peeling off, not peepling... READ MORE

Confused About Frosting with at Home TCA Peel

I did my first TCA peel last night - 15%. I've been on Retin-A for three months prior to the peel. The first layer had no frosting after five... READ MORE

Can You Go Too Deep with a Peel?

I recently applied a 25% TCA peel, and feel like I went too deep for some parts of my face on near my cheeks. I am halfway through my peel with my... READ MORE

Is this normal ? TCA peel on butt. (photos)

I did at 50% tca peek at home on my buttocks just this one area because I had a little scar I wanted to get rid of ! Tell me if this looks normal ?... READ MORE

Is it Normal to be Covered in Brown Spots on the Face After TCA Peel?

I am a 63 year old fair skin redhead with no freckles and no prior brown spots. I had a medium TCA peel two days ago and my face is now covered with... READ MORE

TCA 18%. Are Flaking and Peeling Common?

After having a TCA 18% peel, should one be concerned if no flaking or peeling occurs by the thrid or fourth day? If so, is it because a stronger peel... READ MORE

Had 30% TCA Peel and Woke Up With Brown. Normal?

I am Asian and had a 30% TCA peel done yesterday to lighten some dark areas and acne scars. I woke up this morning with dark brown patches in the... READ MORE

I used 75% TCA to attempt to remove mole, is this discoloration going to bed or go away? (photo)

I put TCA on Q-tip and placed it on the mole, it spread into a larger circle (as you can see in picture) the area frosted and burned some, I left it... READ MORE

I had a 100% TCA peel done. Small amounts were put directly on acne scars.

I had a 100% TCA peel done. Small amounts were put directly on acne scars. This was done about 5 weeks ago, and it still has not healed completely.... READ MORE

20% TCA Peel on neck and chest. Will I scar? (Photo)

20% TCA peel performed at a dermatologist's office by an assistant, not by the doctor. Is this normal? Will I heal? Will I scar? These photos are from... READ MORE

I had a TCA (25%) chemical peel done about a week ago, The skin peeled since. Is the darkness on my jawline normal? ((Photo)

Today when I looked in the mirror I noticed some darkness on my jawline area and on my neck where the chemical solution was also applied. I've been... READ MORE

Is it normal to peel twice after a 35 percent TCA peel? (photo)

I had a TCA peel professionally done 6 days ago. the TCA peel was 35% and the doctor said he was aggressive. most of the swelling has went down, and... READ MORE

How Many Times Should a 12.5% TCA Be Performed?

Hi, I'm thinking of having a TCA peel. I wonder how many times is the standard rule for having this type of strenght peel? How long is the healing... READ MORE

Wrinkled, Brownish Thick Dry Skin After 25% TCA Peel

I recently did a 25% TCA peel at home. I am on day 3 and my skin looks like a 90 year old woman and I am only 32! I am also noticing that one area in... READ MORE

Skin is Grey 12 Hours After 25% TCA Peel, is this Normal?

I applied 25% TCA peel to a test zone on my face. Did not use the alcohol recommended but don't know what that's good for but removing excess... READ MORE

Redness After TCA Peel? & Thin Peel?

I've used 25% TCA Peel and this is my second time using it. Is the redness after the peeling normal? Is it safe to use cortisone cream for the... READ MORE

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