Moisturizer + TCA Peel

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TCA Peel - Why do I Have Facial Redness?

I have been performing at-home glycolic peels for 6 months now. Then used an at-home 12.5% TCA Peel, and a month later did a second peel, with 2... READ MORE

I'm 3 Days into my Peel and Am Getting Mixed Messages on Moisturizing or Not?

I had a TCA peel that was preceded by a jessner peel. My skin is very flaky and red. I've been given mixed messages as to whether or not I should... READ MORE

TCA Peel, Black Woman; When will my color return and will it be even? (photo)

I'm an a 34 year-old african American female. (Kerry Washington completed)I administered the 30 tca peel on 6 days ago on my face and neck. 6 minutes.... READ MORE

How often can u do a TCA peel?

I did a 12% TCA Peel and I have only had flaking for the past 5 days since Peel I started flaking day one n continue to flake no significant peeling.... READ MORE

After a 30% TCA peel at home, can I use pure glycerin to moisturize & High Frequency mach. to prevent bacteria & ozone my skin?

About my skin, Hispanic fair skin, allergic to pretty much every facial product out there, referring to creams, make up, and sunscreens, but my skin... READ MORE

Creams on first day of TCA Chemical Peel?

I just had my first TCA Chemical peel (15%). I did not feel any burning at all and It went very well. I was not given any creams/ointments. Its been a... READ MORE

How is moisturizing going to help my skin peel?

It feels like the skin on my cheeks and under my eyes is not going to peel. My chin has already started and almost finished peeling. Im on day 4. I... READ MORE

I did a TCA peel, it burned and scarred my forehead? (Photo)

Will retin a help, or would it be more helpful to just moisturize. Also my forehead feels lumpy and bumpy , it has streaks and brown areas and pitted... READ MORE

I Just Want to Ask After I Done My TCA Chemical Peeling, What is the Best Face Wash and Moisturizer?

Hello, I just want to ask after I done my chemical peel(TCA) what is the best face wash and moisturising I can use. Thank you READ MORE

What to use post TCA?

I am finished peeling from a 25 tca peel today is day 5 should i still use emu oil to moisturize skin? And can i use Vit C serum and retnoid cream as... READ MORE

I'm using a TCA peel for keratosis pilaris on triceps. Should I be using a moisturizer to help with the process?

Going to use a TCA peel for some deep keratosis pilaris on my triceps. I have used Retinoic acid in the past with some good results, but interested in... READ MORE

Do they work or am I wasting my time? (Photo)

What do I do???? I hate my body!! I'm depressed and I'm not happy!!!bive tried everything under the sun. Moisturizer, wrapping? Exercises and now a... READ MORE

TCA Peel Post Op?

Hi, I'm getting done a 35% TCA Peel. What are some of the things I can do to limit complications, and to get good results? Also, can I take a shower... READ MORE

TCA peel on hips 50% 3 days ago. When can I use TCA peel again?

I used a gel tca peel 50% on my hips and keep it moisturized with cereave spf 50.I did this 3 days ago no peeling.When can I use tca peel again?Thank... READ MORE

My friend applied a 25% TCA peel on my face on Thursday & doubled the application on my cheeks. Will I be scarred? (Photo)

My cheeks are not a very deep purple colour and showing no signs of peeling. I am currently applying Sudocrem, Aloe Vera, Simple moisturiser and... READ MORE

Good moisturizers to use after TCA peel?

Just got my first ever TCA peel. The burning is starting to cool down. I am going to be using Cetaphil as a cleanser. I am not sure what type of... READ MORE

Redness post 25%TCA peel.Steroid cream subsides it for few days then redness comes back.Will the redness go away w/ time?(photo)

I had 25%TCA peel 3 months ago. Few days after peel, area became red. I showed it to the doc 2 wks post peel & I was put on Steriod cream &... READ MORE

I had a TCA peel done on October 7. I started peeling and like a moron picked the skin around the mouth area.

  The skin underneath was pink. I made sure I applied moisturizer and sunscreen and didn't really venture outdoor. But now the pink skin has... READ MORE

Post TCA peel, is this normal? (photos)

I preformed a 25% peel on the 12th Sunday. Wasn't fully aware about preping my skin with creams & all,the lower part of my mouth has peeled fine yet... READ MORE

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