Melasma + TCA Peel

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How Effective Are Frequent TCA Peels for Melasma?

I've had TCA peels for my diagnosed melasma, the process is slow but there are some improvements. How effective will frequent treatments be? READ MORE

Is TCA 12-13% Spot Treatment Effective for Hyperpigmented Areas on Face?

I have a few small hyperpigmented areas of melasma on my cheeks & my doctor suggested treating them initially with spot application of TCA 12-13%... READ MORE

Is this post inflammatory hyper pigmentation from TCA peel? (photos)

Hello. I did a 25% TCA chemical treatment on two melasma spots on face. I used a Q-tip and applied for 4-5 mins. Frosting did appear and stayed for... READ MORE

Do I have a chemical burn from a chemical peel? (Photo)

I have been recieving a series of 25% TCA chemical peels for treating my melasma starting October 8 2014 in two week spans by a dermatologist. My last... READ MORE

Melasma treatment with chemical peels. How often can I get them done?

I have melasma and am allergic to hydroquinone. I have tried many hydroquione free topical treatments for my conditon, but they aren't effective. I... READ MORE

When should I apply another peel? Or should I just go up in strength? (photo)

I have melasma growing on my forehead. It's really noticeable and I always get asked why I have a black spot there. I have recently done a 15% tca... READ MORE

Does TCA Peeling stimulate melasma?

I tend to develop melasma when taking the pill, which I why I immediatly stopped taking it. I have no melasma at the moment and it was only minor at... READ MORE

What cream do I need to take to ease the redness and black skin on my face after a failed TCA procedure? (Photo)

I am a 47 yrs old man. Two years ago I had my TCA peel but unfortunately it was a failed one. After the procedure and until now the REDNESS and the... READ MORE

What % of TCA peel do you recomend for melasma? And how to apply it ? (Photo)

I have used Tri-luma And works while using and my melasma get faded but when i stop my darks spot back again For recomendation of my doctor im allow... READ MORE

Skin very dark after TCA peel. Will it peel? (photo)

Hello. I had a tca chemical peel done on my melasma mustache by a beauty specialist. Only my skin now is very dark and tight. It's now day 2 after the... READ MORE

Help! Got 2 light TCA peels in 2 months time and now the skin of my face is brown/red and neck is normal color. What's wrong?

Help! Got 2 light TCA peels in 2 months time and now the skin of my face is brown/red and neck is normal color! I prepared my skin with 0,05% retin A... READ MORE

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