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Dark, Bruise-like Spots After TCA Peel Permanent?

I used 25% TCA peel last week, except a little bit on my forehead and nose. The rest of my skin peeled but now I am seeing dark spots (like bruises)... READ MORE

Is it ok to use TCA peel on lips? (photos)

I saw this picture on the internet and I was shocked READ MORE

Treatment for Fine Perioral Lines? (Photo)

I am a 35 and developing lines above my lips on one side. I initially attributed them to being a former smoker, but have come to realize I chew/grind... READ MORE

TCA peel to get rid of dicolouration on lips? (Photo)

Ive had this darkenss on my lips sine i was a youbg child. Not sure what caused it. Ive went to a derm and they told me a bleaching cream prob wont... READ MORE

Keloid scar on lip from TCA (Photo)

I was treated with 100% TCA on a flat wart on the border of my lip. A very small amount was applied with a toothpick right on the wart. It crusted... READ MORE

Tca peel on my lips, when will it start to peel? (photo)

I did a 25% TCA Peel on my lips and it frosted and everything I rinsed it off with water and it on day two it got tight and change color and I kept it... READ MORE

Can I use diaper rash cream on lips with TCA peel?

I have been using diaper rash cream on my lips to lighten them up now that i applied the tca peel can i still use thay cream? or should the peel not... READ MORE

What Percent Can Use of Tca Peel for my Fordyce Spots on my Lips?

I have these yellow little spots on my top lip which i had for about two years. Ive read and tried almost everything except tca peel to get rid of... READ MORE

Will a 12.5% TCA Peel Take Away or at Least Lighten my Hypopigmentation on Upper Lip?

I have used Nair on my upper lip for years and noticed that the last few times I used it the area became inflamed for about 2 days each so I... READ MORE

Will 20% TCA burns scar or discolor lips? (photos)

Dermatologist splashed 20% tca accidently on lips during a facial peel 12/12/14. Now they are really burned and on inside of mouth. How should the... READ MORE

Is it safe to still do a TCA peel after my last experience with it?

I'm 40 yo and I had four 15% TCA peels done early this year then I tried a 20% peel. Foolishly, I tried to encourage the peeling process by applying... READ MORE

What results might I expect from a 7% TCA, 2% Salicylic acid, 4 % retinol peel?

I am hoping to improve above the lip, chin and eye wrinkles. READ MORE

I am just starting to see veritcal lines above lip, beginning of crows feet and uneven skin texture and tone

Could i benefit from Dermaplaning, with lactic acid, or dermaplaning and a tca peel? READ MORE

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