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Is 10 Percent TCA Peel Effective for Dark Circles?

I want to do TCA peel (10%) to get lighter skin, but on the contrary I have heard it causes hyperpigmentation? So should I use it to lighten dark... READ MORE

Does TCA Peel Help Remove or Lighten Leg Scars?

I'm planning to use 10% TCA peel, does it helps in lightening or removing old scars on the legs? If so, how to i apply it and every when? READ MORE

TCA Peel to Make Skin Few Shades Lighter?

I have fairly dark tan skin naturally. I would like to lighten it just a few shades lighter. Would you recommend a TCA Peel to help me achieve my... READ MORE

Dark Spot After TCA Peel

I am Asian of Indian origin.I had a 35% TCA about 3 months back.Overall I did see a difference in my skin texture, it looks much smoother. But I have... READ MORE

Can I Use TCA Peel to Lighten Body Parts?

I am Indonesian with tanned skin. After my pregnancy, my underarm, inner thighs, elbows, and knees became noticeably darker. I was 120 lbs and became... READ MORE

How Effective Are TCA Peels for Lightening a Darkened Genital Region Due to Chaffing?

Over the years my genital area has darkened considerably from chaffing. While I dont chaff anymore there is scarring. I tried qswitch for lightening... READ MORE

How long does post-inflammatory skin hyperpigmentation usually last?

About six months ago I tried a 50% TCA chemical peel to get rid of a few small moles and freckles on my torso area. It worked, however it left behind... READ MORE

Are there natural and/or over-the-counter whitening products to combat post TCA peel hyperpigmentation?

Good day! I had a 30 percent TCA peel about 2-3 months ago and it's healing nicely. My dermatologist recommended a set of whitening creams and lotions... READ MORE

Results wise, how does the Sciton Nanolaser peel compare to TCA? (Photo)

Since December 2015, I've had 3 TCA peels, the last in March at 30%. It's been a very gradual process, but Im definitely seeing results. However, I... READ MORE

What is the best way to lighten the colour of my lips more or less permanently besides permanent makeup grafting? (photo)

I would like to find out the best and most effective way to lighten my lip colour. Initially it wasn't as dark but I do lick my lips alot and also... READ MORE

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