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11th Day Post 30% TCA Peel: Very Red and Looks Like Scarring

I had a 30% tca peel. I didn't hardly peel and not at all on my cheeks.It didn't improve any flaws on my face. I can see blackheads starting... READ MORE

Uneveness After TCA Peel

I had a TCA medium plus facial peel almost two months ago. When the new skin showed, I was happy with the result. But since then I am developing... READ MORE

Itching After TCA Peel

I had a TCA Peel done on Wednesday. I am keeping it moist with Neosporin. My face and neck are itching like crazy! Even Benadryl can't stop it. Do you... READ MORE

Redness and Itching on Areas Untreated with TCA Peel

I used diluted 100% TCA Peel on several of my moles. Everything seems fine, except that my elbows, a spot on my back, and two spots on my legs are all... READ MORE

I used a tca peel to remove white stretch marks on my hips. It's sore, red and itchy. How can I treat it?

I used the pre prep and neutralizer afterward.its been 7 days and very sore,red,and itchy.I have been using neosporin at least 5 times a day until it... READ MORE

I had TCA peel. My face is swollen & have red patches all over my face due to allergic reaction. Is this normal? (photos)

Today face is swollen! Face warm to touch maybe cuz I put ice on it. Red patches all over. Itchy really itchy. Today I only put antibacterial on... READ MORE

I have pain, redness and itchiness after a mild TCA peeling. How long am I supposed to be with these symptoms? (Photo)

Today is my second day after the peeling and I can't stand the pain in my face. I feel like is on fire. The redness and the itchiness is getting worse... READ MORE

I applied 10% TCA peel about 6 weeks ago to my face & neck, now my face is itchy & it is still peeling in some areas (Photo)

I've tried aveno calamine lotion, aveno baby wash, cortizone cream & aloe gel, unfortunately my face starts stinging when I apply any of them..Rinsing... READ MORE

Are red itchy bumps 3 days after a chemical peel normal? (Photos)

I got a chemical peel 3 days ago and now have red itchy bumps on my face. Is this an allergic reaction to the TCA chemical? READ MORE

Tca peel, now have allergic reaction day after peel. Any suggestions? (photos)

Tca peel 12% on Saturday. Sunday night became very itchy. Rash on my face and neck only. Take benedryl/ Allegra and ice for itchiness. Aquaphor for... READ MORE

I'm Gin from the Philippines! I had TCA 30% yesterday but it started swelling and itchy after few hours. Is this normal? (Photo)

I had TCA peel 30% solutions yesterday around 3pm Philippines time and after few hours the itchiness and swelling occured. Should I be worried? Do I... READ MORE

Red rashes and itchy with 20% TCA Retinoic Acid, advice? (photos)

Can anyone help me, any advice?I am on my 5th day of applying 20% TCA Retinoic Acid in my whole body and on the 4th day I got itchy and red rashes... READ MORE

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