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I Want to Do a 25% TCA Chemical Peel on my Hands and Arms. Is This Ok? And How Do I Prepare for It? (photo)

My hands and arms look terrible. I'm 48 and my arms and hands look like a 90 year old. Would a 25% TCA help and how do I prepare the area for it? READ MORE

Using 50% TCA PEEL on knees?

I recently ordered a 50% tca peel online & this will be my first time using a strong tca peel. I know I have to be very careful with it and follow... READ MORE

Tried 10% Tca on Hands, Applied Several Layers and Kept for Too Long? (photo)

I am taking antibiotic and allergy med as prescribed by a dermatologist. The Browning occurred within one hour post application. How long will it take... READ MORE

I used 80 TCA on my hands. I did not dilute. My hands are wrinkled very badly. Will they go back to normal?

I used 80%tca on my hands for 1 minutes. I then neutralized. It burned as usual. I have only done one application. My skin is not dis colored red pink... READ MORE

Does a TCA 20% chemical peel work on Asian hands to reduce early signs of aging from sun exposure?

I am a 40 year old asian woman and I had a TCA20% chemical peel on my hands 48 hours ago to reduce the signs of aging from sun exposore. So far, there... READ MORE

Should I try and or which TCA peel strength for 62 year old hands?

I've tried the 10% glycolic, 35% lactic acids with no results. READ MORE

I did TCA 35% peel on my hands for dark knuckles and keep it for 10 min but it ruined my hands. Advice? (photo)

I did tca 35% peel on my hands for dark knucles and keep it for 10 min and after peeling go in sun....and my color of finger gone chnged...then i... READ MORE

TCA peel at home to fix peeling cream mishap on knuckles? (photos)

Hello, I used a peeling cream on my knuckles snd it turned out to be very strong, now my knuckles are thick and super black. I asked a dermatologist... READ MORE

Can I Use 30% TCA on my Knuckles?

Im dark skinned and my knuckles got really dark after using a lightening cream on my body. Will using a 30% TCA peel help it to lighten to the same... READ MORE

What Precautions Must Be Taken Before Using TCA on the Back of the Hands? (photo)

Aesthetician applied TCA to the back of hands. Immediately felt intense burning. Instead of neutralizing it, she left the room to go get ice,... READ MORE

How many days it takes to peel off hands and legs when doing a TCA 20% peel ?

I have done a tca 20% peel, 2 layers or somewhere 3 layers on my hands and legs. There's crustiness on my skin. It's been 17 days. Little bit peeling... READ MORE

Knuckles went darker after TCA 35% peel. Is this normal? (photos)

Pls help me... I did the tca peel and my after d peel it was soooo lively days after it went black! I did the peel three weeks ago. Pls what. An I go?... READ MORE

Is this normal after a chemical peel? (Photo)

I recently tried using TCA 35 on a short portion of my hand before applying it on my face. I let it stay there for a few minutes and I witnessed this... READ MORE

Will TCA chemical peel get rid of warts on the hand?

My daughter has over 50 warts on her hand which are very painfull. She has tried a few treatments which hasnt helped. She is desperate to get rid of... READ MORE

Is it safe to do a TCA peel on the skin with vitiligo spots?

I am 78 year old I have vitiligo on my arms, hands and face. I want to do TCA peel for re-jubilation, is it safe foru face with vitiligo? Thank you READ MORE

Hot, red and stingy 4th day post TCA peel on my hands and arms. How long to heal a deep TCA peel?

Is the red, hot and stingy sensation post 40% TCA peel 4 days ago on my fair skinned hands and lower arms to be expected? Frosting occurred at 37:00.... READ MORE

Had 30% TCA peel on hands today at a Medspa and I'm reading I shouldn't have!

It was two passes (one of 20% and one of 30%) on my hands by an "esthetician." I am scared now! Reading doctors on Realself saying 30% is too high for... READ MORE

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