Freckles + TCA Peel

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TCA Peel to Remove Freckles?

I have freckles all over my arms. Would a TCA peel get rid of them? READ MORE

Liquid Nitrogen or 30 Percent TCA for Brown Freckle?

I have a brown spot on my right lower lid that I would like to remove. My dermatologist suggested either liquid nitrogen or 30% TCA. I put the... READ MORE

TCA Peel for Sun Damaged Olive Skin?

I have olive skin with light sun damage, brown freckles, uneven skin tone. Is a TCA peel a good solution for me? READ MORE

30% TCA Peel. Will it cause a scar? (Photo)

I have fair skin, and I did a 30% TCA peel to get rid of my freckles. When I put it on my face immediately turned white and I tried to wash it off... READ MORE

I want to remove freckles on my nose. I bought a 25% TCA peel and have never done a peel before. Should I do it by myself?

I have light-slightly tannish skin and I want to know if this would be good for me to do by myself READ MORE

Would you recommend TCA peel at home?

I have dark freackles across my cheeks and lighter ones on my forehead. Ive been looking into tca peels at home as i dont want to do it at a surgery... READ MORE

I have some skin laxity on my body due to age and previous sun exposure. Should I consider a TCA peel?

I have some skin laxity on my body due to age and previous sun exposure. I am considering a TCA peel to lessen sun spots, freckles and tighten the... READ MORE

Is TCA 30% safe after depigmentation cream use over a month and nitrogen liquid in the nose and upper lip?

I used liquid nitrogen for some freckles around the nose and one on the upper lip, they were very little. NOW I have some kind of reddish dark spot in... READ MORE

How Many 12% TCA Peels Does It Take to Remove Freckles?

How many 12% TCA peels it takes to remove darker freckles? I have asian skin and i am tanned. What is the recommended TCA % to remove freckles? READ MORE

What %TCA Should I Use to Peel Forearms of Pigment/freckles? (photo)

Should I do layers? How long for each layer? Thanks READ MORE

Will Tca Peel 25% Remove Freckles From My Face?

Hellou i want to know just one question can 25% tca peel remove freckles from my face or i have to do more stronger tca peel thnxx. READ MORE

30% Tca on Face Now Freakles Turned Darker and Brown?

I had a 30% TCA on my face 3 days ago. Immediately when I started it burnt and the frosted. However my freakles appeared more apparent than not doing... READ MORE

How long should I wait before I try another tca peel?

About 7 months ago i bought a tca peel kit for the first time as i have freckles on my face, eyes and lips, i did about 4-5 over a 2 month period but... READ MORE

Does a TCA Chemical Peel even out skin tone?

I am faired skin and can't tan at all I just freckle, my skin has always had like a red tinge along with my pale skin, does a tca peel even out my... READ MORE

Whats the ideal concentration of TCA peel for my kind of skin? (Photo)

I have an oily mixed skin. I dont have any problems and im not allergic to anything. I have some points and freckles in my face and i have a really... READ MORE

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