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TCA Peel to Remove Freckles?

I have freckles all over my arms. Would a TCA peel get rid of them? READ MORE

Liquid Nitrogen or 30 Percent TCA for Brown Freckle?

I have a brown spot on my right lower lid that I would like to remove. My dermatologist suggested either liquid nitrogen or 30% TCA. I put the... READ MORE

30% TCA Peel. Will it cause a scar? (Photo)

I have fair skin, and I did a 30% TCA peel to get rid of my freckles. When I put it on my face immediately turned white and I tried to wash it off... READ MORE

TCA Peel for Sun Damaged Olive Skin?

I have olive skin with light sun damage, brown freckles, uneven skin tone. Is a TCA peel a good solution for me? READ MORE

I want to remove freckles on my nose. I bought a 25% TCA peel and have never done a peel before. Should I do it by myself?

I have light-slightly tannish skin and I want to know if this would be good for me to do by myself READ MORE

Would you recommend TCA peel at home?

I have dark freackles across my cheeks and lighter ones on my forehead. Ive been looking into tca peels at home as i dont want to do it at a surgery... READ MORE

30% TCA Peel Gone Horribly Wrong. 2 months later little to no improvement.

I've done multiple 30% TCA peels in the past with no complications until now. 8 weeks ago I unevenly applied a 30% TCA peel on various areas in an... READ MORE

TCA for freckles

Hi, I'm wondering if TCA peel would help with fading freckles? I've heard that TCA can be good for texture (smoothing skin and retouching appearance... READ MORE

I have some skin laxity on my body due to age and previous sun exposure. Should I consider a TCA peel?

I have some skin laxity on my body due to age and previous sun exposure. I am considering a TCA peel to lessen sun spots, freckles and tighten the... READ MORE

TCA peel, melasma, freckles are darker, is that normal?

I had a 25% TCA peel this morning to treat mild melasma and freckles. I noticed that my freckles and melasma are now considerably darker and I can see... READ MORE

Is TCA 30% safe after depigmentation cream use over a month and nitrogen liquid in the nose and upper lip?

I used liquid nitrogen for some freckles around the nose and one on the upper lip, they were very little. NOW I have some kind of reddish dark spot in... READ MORE

What %TCA Should I Use to Peel Forearms of Pigment/freckles? (photo)

Should I do layers? How long for each layer? Thanks READ MORE

How Many 12% TCA Peels Does It Take to Remove Freckles?

How many 12% TCA peels it takes to remove darker freckles? I have asian skin and i am tanned. What is the recommended TCA % to remove freckles? READ MORE

Will Tca Peel 25% Remove Freckles From My Face?

Hellou i want to know just one question can 25% tca peel remove freckles from my face or i have to do more stronger tca peel thnxx. READ MORE

30% Tca on Face Now Freakles Turned Darker and Brown?

I had a 30% TCA on my face 3 days ago. Immediately when I started it burnt and the frosted. However my freakles appeared more apparent than not doing... READ MORE

How long should I wait before I try another tca peel?

About 7 months ago i bought a tca peel kit for the first time as i have freckles on my face, eyes and lips, i did about 4-5 over a 2 month period but... READ MORE

How long does post-inflammatory skin hyperpigmentation usually last?

About six months ago I tried a 50% TCA chemical peel to get rid of a few small moles and freckles on my torso area. It worked, however it left behind... READ MORE

Does a TCA Chemical Peel even out skin tone?

I am faired skin and can't tan at all I just freckle, my skin has always had like a red tinge along with my pale skin, does a tca peel even out my... READ MORE

Whats the ideal concentration of TCA peel for my kind of skin? (Photo)

I have an oily mixed skin. I dont have any problems and im not allergic to anything. I have some points and freckles in my face and i have a really... READ MORE

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