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How Long Do Burns Caused by 50% TCA Peel Take To Heal? (photo)

I applied 50% TCA peel in my forehead and right cheeks but I didn't notice that I put many amount that's why it caused burns. I'm on my... READ MORE

Can You Get Botox, Fillers and a TCA Peel in One Visit?

I have bad wrinkle lines across my forehead even when my forehead is relaxed the lines are very visable. I just spoke to a surgury and booked she... READ MORE

Dark, Bruise-like Spots After TCA Peel Permanent?

I used 25% TCA peel last week, except a little bit on my forehead and nose. The rest of my skin peeled but now I am seeing dark spots (like bruises)... READ MORE

Help for Thin and Crepe Skin on Forehead?

3 years ago I was advised in a consultation to have a TCA Peel for acne scarring and rosacea. Post peel my face became extremely oily and broke out on... READ MORE

Will TCA Peel Help These Lines?

Hi, I have these horisontinal lines in my forehead, that I would love to even out. The lines are a bit deeper than showen on the picture. I have been... READ MORE

How long does redness last after a medium-depth chemical peel? (Photo)

I got a 30% TCA peel that was layered twice. My cheeks and nose area swelled a little for a few days, then it went down. Today is the 8th day. I have... READ MORE

Best Products for Possible Forehead Burn from TCA Peel?

What are the best products to use to get rid of this possible TCA Peel burn on my forehead? READ MORE

Should I Use TCA After Scar Revision?

I had a depressed chicken pox scar and it have gone through Scar Revision on January. However the revision failed and the scar opened up and now... READ MORE

Burn scar from 25% TCA 6 months ago, and it's not healing. Is it permanent? (Photo)

So I did a foolish self treatment of tca peel on my forehead and burned my skin .this was 6 months ago.the skin is still pink and not improved since... READ MORE

Would you recommend TCA peel at home?

I have dark freackles across my cheeks and lighter ones on my forehead. Ive been looking into tca peels at home as i dont want to do it at a surgery... READ MORE

TCA/PRP/Dermapen? follow up advice and procedure (No Infini RF available) - (photos)

This Q is mainly for DR LIM,I have now had dermapen with a 30% tca peel then 2 weeks later I had deeper dermapen with PRP ( we do not have INFINI RF... READ MORE

I did a TCA peel, it burned and scarred my forehead? (Photo)

Will retin a help, or would it be more helpful to just moisturize. Also my forehead feels lumpy and bumpy , it has streaks and brown areas and pitted... READ MORE

I have been using TCA peels for a while. This time I noticed dark skin on both temples, after I peeled. (Photo)

I used tca 25 twice. I also have indents on my forehead now, kinda lik acne scares. Help READ MORE

IS TCA peel 25 % safe?

I have planned an appointment for TCA peel (25 %) it will be done by an cosmetic doctor. I have mild acne scarring only on my forehead but I was... READ MORE

When should I apply another peel? Or should I just go up in strength? (photo)

I have melasma growing on my forehead. It's really noticeable and I always get asked why I have a black spot there. I have recently done a 15% tca... READ MORE

Hydrocortisone After Tca Peel?

Hi, i just had my first tca peel in my forehead, the tca peel was 10%, i want to know if I can put 1%hydrocortisone to accelerate the healing. The... READ MORE

Would a TCA Peel Help with my Forehead Lines/creases?

I had moderate acne and was treated with numerous topical antibiotics. My acne has cleared up for the most part, but I have atrophic scarring and... READ MORE

Is my TCA peel healing correctly? (photos)

I had a TCA peel 35% performed 11 days ago and have fully peeled now. I am mixed race and my colour does not seem to be coming back, how long should... READ MORE

7 days post op TCA peel, my skin turned pink. Will the color come back?

Been 7 days since applied a 25% tca peel at home, skin has turned brown, dried up and peeling off at its own pace, i have noticed tho that my cheeks... READ MORE

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