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Any Way to Speed Healing After a TCA Peel?

Please help, This is my 24 Hr Post 15% TCA peel done on part of my right cheek. 1.- Does it look normal to you? 2.- Not very well planned and need... READ MORE

Recommended Interval in Between TCA Peels?

I had developed brown spots as large as a dime all over my face due to sun exposure and hormones. The TCA Chemical peel has helped, but after 2... READ MORE

Does a Strong TCA Peel Tighten the Skin at All?

Hello there! I'm 41 with very white thick skin (good tone, large pores though!). I do have nasolabial lines and very fine skin under my eyes (so I... READ MORE

How Effective Are Frequent TCA Peels for Melasma?

I've had TCA peels for my diagnosed melasma, the process is slow but there are some improvements. How effective will frequent treatments be? READ MORE

Is TCA Peels Safe to Use While Pregnant?

I recently started to go to the doctors for acne and acne scars she started the TCA treatments and my face has completely cleared up. I would like to... READ MORE

How to Fix Burns from 20% at Home TCA Peel?

I did a 20% TCA Peel at home (Tuesday night). I might have overdone it and out of stupidity, I scraped it (Thursday morning) and it revealed a pinkish... READ MORE

Hypopigmentation After 35% Tca Peel- Indian Skin. What Are My Options? (photo)

Hi iam an indian. I applied tca peel 35% to my face.....I got some accident wounds on my face at that time which were under healing process. my skin... READ MORE

Afraid I Burnt my Skin with 25% TCA Peel

I applied the TCA 25% solution, quickly and I fear not evenly. In less than 1 min. my left cheek started to frost and I had too take it off, It burned... READ MORE

TCA Peel Aftercare

Today I received a 35% TCA peel from a dermatologist. I wasn't instructed to do anything special to my face prior to procedure. I have been reading... READ MORE

Is the TCA Cross Method Effective for Acne Scarring?

Has anyone used the TCA cross method sucessfully for acne scarring? I have rolling type scars on the side of my face. Any help would be apprecaited. READ MORE

Is It Safe to Use Obagi Before TCA Peel?

I have oily skin and I'm considering doing TCA peel 25%. I have terrible acne scars and cystic acne problems. I would like to know if it is safe to... READ MORE

How Long Does Swelling Usually Last After a TCA Peel?

How long will it take before the severe swelling subsides after my TCA? I have extremely tight skin, severe swelling, and a brown mask effect where... READ MORE

Possible Deep Burn from TCA Chemical Peel Kit

Purchased 8% at home chemical peel. Instructions state that can apply weekly and so 6 days later I did because only had minimal flaking with no... READ MORE

Safe to Use TCA Peel on Just a Part of the Face?

Is it okay to do a 25% TCA peel on some areas of the face but not the whole face? I want to try it at home. What would you recommend? I want to do a... READ MORE

Can Dark Skinned People Have 18 Percent TCA Peel?

Hello, I'm a 24 dark skinned female with acne scars and wrinkling around my eyes and would like to get an 18% TCA peel to rectify this. Do you think... READ MORE

TCA Burns: Will It Scar?

I had an 18% TCA peel done a week ago for acne scarring. It was done by a trained nurse/beautician who has her own clinic & it cost me 300e. She... READ MORE

Treatment for Hyperpigmented Asian Skin After TCA Chemical Peel?

I tried 18.0% TCA Peel, in hopes to get rid of hyperpigmentation that I gained from moderately severe acne. However, it did not help me at all and... READ MORE

Does a 12% TCA Peel Need to Frost in Order to Work?

I bought a tca peel on line and did a patch test on my leg. It did not frost after a couple of coats. I washed it off and nothing happened to my skin... READ MORE

TCA Peel 4 Days Ago (By Professional). Skin is off my Face and Very Red. How Do I Treat It?

I had a partial face lift (chin), fat injections and a TCA peel of entire face, 4 days ago. The skin is off my face already(I did not pick it,it came... READ MORE

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