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Please Explain the Healing Process from 10% TCA Peel

I am 24-year-girl working in a remote-area of Africa. I cannot consult with a professional, but I do have access to the internet. I have wheatish... READ MORE

TCA Peel to Permanently Remove Wrinkles?

I have very fine skin and have had crows feet since I was 18 years old!! I am 42 now and had Botox for the last approx 13 years, but obviously I've... READ MORE

15% or 20% TCA Peel Effective for Fine Eye Lines?

I've been using Tazorac for the past two years for very fine lines around my eyes, but I'm looking for slightly more dramatic results. Is a 15% or 20%... READ MORE

Can TCA Cross Be Used to Shrink Enlarged Pores?

I have a few randomly located enlarged pores on my face (one right above the eyebrow and one on my upper cheek about 1.5 inches below my eye), as well... READ MORE

TCA Peel Safe for Upper Eye Area?

I am having Hiatal hernia surgery 3/15/10 and a Plastic surgeson agreed to do a TCA peel 40% on face and 30% under eyes so I can recover from these at... READ MORE

Will a Phenol or TCA Peel Help with the Tired Look Under my Eyes?

I have pretty good skin but the area under my eyes is starting to look rough. here is a 5mp pic snapped under harsh bathroom lights. will a phenol or... READ MORE

Face swollen from TCA peel. Is this normal? (photo)

My face is pathetically swollen from a TCA peel.My eyes are almost closed shut. Is this normal? READ MORE

Why haven't my peels (from a plastic surgeon) worked? Still sun damaged.

Fine lines around eyes and vertical upper lip lines as well as minor discolorations still persist. Overall skin texture remains unchanged. Why? I am... READ MORE

Is a 45% TCA peel ok for eyes? 2 clinics differ in recommendation

I have been getting TCA peels for several years 35% mostly to remove light freckling and even my skin. I am starting to get light lines around eyes... READ MORE

TCA 25% peel; should I have a series of these peels or go higher?

Ok, just had a 25% TCA Peel done around my eyes, cost ($300) and I did frost, very white. It was a single coating. I'm 26 with static lines that... READ MORE

Hyperpigmentation after tca peel. Anyone know the reason why this occured?

Before the chemical peel my doctor placed protective adhesive eye patches on my eyes, now after the peel i have dark hyperpigmentation just arounrd my... READ MORE

Swollen Face After Tca Peel, Is It Normal?

I had a 12.5% TCA peel done on my face 2 days ago and now my face (especially around my eyes)is completely swollen. WIll this go away? what can i do... READ MORE

Medium Depth Peel. (photos)

I stupidly peeled my skin after only 2 days. I had a monheit peel jessner & TCA 35%. I had lower strengths before. She said this was the highest.... READ MORE

What results might I expect from a 7% TCA, 2% Salicylic acid, 4 % retinol peel?

I am hoping to improve above the lip, chin and eye wrinkles. READ MORE

How frequently I can use TCA 25% peel?

Im 32yrs old, have medium yellow toned skin. I have some fine wrinkles around my laugh lines and eyes and some pigmentation on the sides of my cheeks.... READ MORE

Can I use a 30% TCA peel as my first peel? (Photo)

I am a brown skinned African American male and I have sun hyper pigmentation on the sides of my face and around my eyes (not as extreme) from golfing.... READ MORE

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