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Is a 20% to 30% TCA Peel Effective for Removing or Reducing Vertical Lip Lines?

I'm a 47-year-old female with fair skin, and I'm wondering if a 20-30% TCA Peel is good for removing those nasty upper lip lines? If yes, how many... READ MORE

TCA Chemical Peel for Enlarged Pores?

I'm an Afican-American with light brown skin, and I have enlarged deep pores on my face. Someone told me a TCA Chemical Peel would solve my problem.... READ MORE

Two Layer TCA 20%?

I did a two layer 20% full-face TCA peel. It was my first peel full face peel because I rather wanted to get drastic results quickly with only one but... READ MORE

Dilute TCA Peel or Not to Achieve Full Results?

Does TCA peel work better when pure than diluted with water or other glycolic acid, etc.?  Thanks. READ MORE

TCA Peel or Fraxel Lite (4 passes) for maximum collagen production. Which is more effective?

I'm considering both the TCA and Fraxel treatments for overall improvement of facial wrinkles, somewhat sagging jowl area and loose skin at upper and... READ MORE

What Could Possibly Happen if a 20% Tca Peel is Performed More Than Once a Month?

Hello, I'm 24 years old and a 20% tca peel has been performed on cheeks and jawline on the 27th of July, 2013. My question is what could happen if my... READ MORE

Is TCA effective for Rolling Scars?

I was thinking of a combo TCA + fraxel restore for next winter. This winter I am doing the combo subcission + fraxel restore (5 sessions). I am going... READ MORE

Would a TCA Peel Help with my Forehead Lines/creases?

I had moderate acne and was treated with numerous topical antibiotics. My acne has cleared up for the most part, but I have atrophic scarring and... READ MORE

TCA Peel Series?

Why you have to do a series of TCA peels to achieve the best result. I am trying to understand the process since the claim is that after one medium... READ MORE

Effectiveness of Jessner peel + 20% TCA?

Apparently a combination of Jessners with TCA gives the results of a medium strength peel without the risks of TCA above 35%. I have read not to go... READ MORE

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