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Can TCA Peel Minimize Large Pores?

I'm 26 yrs old, female and i have large pores, a workmate of mine told me that TCA peel can minimize large pores.She told me, she used to have large... READ MORE

Can TCA 15% Reduce my Ice Pick Scar? (photo)

I am contemplating between doing TCA myself at home or going for CO2 laser surgery to cure my acne scars but CO2 laser surgery is costly. Do you think... READ MORE

TCA Cross or Fillers for Acne Scars? (photo)

I just had Mixto Laser co2 done 8 months ago (may 2012). I still have many acne scars as you can see in the picture, they are all different types. I... READ MORE

Safe to Use TCA Peel to Remove Tattoo on Foot?

With removing tattoos on top of the foot, is a stronger solution necessary to get results? Is it safe to use TCA Peel on this area? Will there be... READ MORE

Can TCA Remove Chicken Pox Scars?

I have four flat white chicken pox scars on my face and there no bigger than a grain of rice, i cant afford laser treatment so i was wondering if a... READ MORE

Question About Acne Scars? Can Laser Produce the Same Effect That the Cross Technique? I Want to Be in a Safe Procedure.

In hypertrophic and keloid scars there is an excessive production of fibrosis,But what about the atrophic scar,like icepick scar,these have pitted... READ MORE

Will a 20% tca peels help clogged pores? (Photo)

Ive had acne nearly 15 years tried facial washes cream alsorts. Ive been to the doctors and nothing works!. Although now my acne is mainly oily skin... READ MORE

Would you recommend TCA peel at home?

I have dark freackles across my cheeks and lighter ones on my forehead. Ive been looking into tca peels at home as i dont want to do it at a surgery... READ MORE

Subcision/Filler or TCA CROSS first for ice-pick and boxcar scars? (Photo)

Does performing subcision/filler first make TCA CROSS more effective? What percentage is best for Fitzpatrick type 3 skin? READ MORE

Ice pick acne Scarring, Rx with TCA Cross or Regular 40% TCA peel. Any suggestions?

I am 23 yr old with light hispanic skin and mild acne scarring. I have some Ice pick scars and some boxcar scars. Should i get a full face Chemical... READ MORE

TCA cross Vs microneedling for ice pick scars?

I was interested to know which is best for ice pick scars, TCA cross or micro needling? Or if there are other more effective treatments READ MORE

Tca peel effectiveness on very soft indented nostril scar?

I have an indented scar on my nostril which is very soft, i can feel it is softer and has less volume than my other nostril and fairly sunken in. It... READ MORE

Need help choosing most effective numbing cream and pain medicine for a strong TCA?

Hi, I recently went in for a 30% TCA peel and because they didnt numb my face cause alot of skin burning, stinging and pain. They told me that I... READ MORE

Will a 20% TCA Peel Get Rid of the Hyperpigmentation on my Arms? (photo)

I am Latina and have light/moderately tan skin. I've developed hyperpigmentation on my arms from a combination of light acne, keratosis pilaris,... READ MORE

How Effective Are TCA Peels for Lightening a Darkened Genital Region Due to Chaffing?

Over the years my genital area has darkened considerably from chaffing. While I dont chaff anymore there is scarring. I tried qswitch for lightening... READ MORE

TCA Cross for Indented Laser Scarring?

I had an Nd:Yag treatment 4 months ago for broken capillaries by the nose, which ended up giving me two indented scars on each side of the nose... READ MORE

Are a TCA Peel 25 %+ a TCA Cross Treatment Efficient to Remove Scars ?

GD,I had 2 weeks ago a juvederm injection to treat a scar but it didn't work that much which upsets me.Iam now skepitical+pretty desperate and... READ MORE

My Face Didnt Turn Brown After Having 20% TCA Peel?

Is this normal? I went to a med spa and it's been 6 days already. The parts that have started to peel are the large area of my chin and a small area... READ MORE

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