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Can You Go Too Deep with a Peel?

I recently applied a 25% TCA peel, and feel like I went too deep for some parts of my face on near my cheeks. I am halfway through my peel with my... READ MORE

I had a TCA cross done at the doctors office about a week ago: Recovery question.

Had TCA cross done at the doctors office about a week ago, the scabs fell of two days ago and the holes look deeper and wider.She used a needle to... READ MORE

TCA/PRP/Dermapen? follow up advice and procedure (No Infini RF available) - (photos)

This Q is mainly for DR LIM,I have now had dermapen with a 30% tca peel then 2 weeks later I had deeper dermapen with PRP ( we do not have INFINI RF... READ MORE

Can TCA Cross help my deep scarred pores? (photo)

I have a deep scared pore next to my nose. Would TCA Cross work on this deep pore? How many TCA Cross sessions would be necessary for this scar? Could... READ MORE

Indented area while healing from a TCA peel? (photo)

I had a tca peel done and I noticed now that the area where I had deeper scars looks indented after I had a shower some of the skin peeled off. Will... READ MORE

TCA peel went too deep - blisters - how do I prevent it from scarring? (Photo)

Here's a photo. What do you think? Will it scar and what can I do to prevent/minimize scarring? It has blisters, which means it's definitely a 2nd... READ MORE

Should a deep facial be done before a tca peel?

To me it makes more sense to get the chemical peel first than the tca peeling. READ MORE

What can be done to prevent scarring from this TCA peel that went too deep? (Photo)

I have some small blisters all over my upper cheek area, thanks to a TCA peel gone wrong? From the photo, what do you think? What can I do to prevent... READ MORE

How to get help for a TCA Cross procedure that didn't work and created more damage? (Photos)

On March 9th I had TCA Cross procedure completed for the first time on my nose to help reduce the size of a few ice pick scars. Three weeks after the... READ MORE

How much would it cost for 1 deep TCA Chemical peel from the neck to the bottom of your butt?

I want to get a few TCA Chemical peels from my neck all the way to my butt stopping at the top of my thighs. Please let me know how much it would... READ MORE

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