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Is 30% TCA Peel Safe for African American Skin?

I would like to use the 30% TCA peel for my stretch marks that appear lighter than my skin tone. I am a dark skinned African American. Will this be... READ MORE

Can Dark Skinned People Have 18 Percent TCA Peel?

Hello, I'm a 24 dark skinned female with acne scars and wrinkling around my eyes and would like to get an 18% TCA peel to rectify this. Do you think... READ MORE

TCA 15% Applied on Right Cheek and Has Left a Dark Brown Scar?

Hi a month back I had undergone a TCA 15% peel from a dermatologist on my right cheek. The frosting was for a day and after a week I could anticipate... READ MORE

I have very dark red splotchy capillary-looking areas after 30% TCA chest peel. Is this normal? (photos)

I had a 30% tca peel done on my face and chest. My face is splotchy and tight the way it has been in the past. It's red and all gross and glassy... READ MORE

After 35% TCA Peel, my skin turned dark brown. Is this normal?

Wilst on holiday the day before my return home i decided to have tca 35% on some sun spot on my face , on few hours after the application my skin turn... READ MORE

Will my skin get back to my OWN color after my skin has completed peeling? Right after my TCA peel I got dark marks. (photo)

Right after my (first and last) TCA peel, my skin felt burned and was red. One hour later the red parts turned brown.. Browner and browner. It feels... READ MORE

I ruined my face with a chemical peel.

So two days after my chemical peel, I picked at my skin....now it been 2 weeks since the chemical peel...now my face is dark....With dark patches...... READ MORE

What treatment is best for fixing damaged skin caused by TCA 25% chemical peel? (Photo)

I had a infection 13 years a go which caused my face and eyes to swell all of my face was burning, after this it left dark patches around my lip,... READ MORE

TCA peel, melasma, freckles are darker, is that normal?

I had a 25% TCA peel this morning to treat mild melasma and freckles. I noticed that my freckles and melasma are now considerably darker and I can see... READ MORE

80% chemical peel on dark knees (Photos)

Obviously I didn't do enough research before doing this.. I had very dark knees which hydroquinon wouldn't remove.. It's been 6days and my knee looks... READ MORE

Can I reverse darkness of TCA peel with lower concentration?

I did a 30% tca peel on my feet by myself (and yes I know now that it was too strong). I am a BLACK american. My feet have gotten darker, but over... READ MORE

I accidentally applied 100% TCA peel all over my face. What shall I do now? (Photo)

I accidentally applied 100% tca chemical peel all over my face and left it for 7 minutes and washed my face. It's been 5 days my face is all dark and... READ MORE

Dark mark under eye is this a burn?

I did an under eye chemical peel with 15 tca it was my second peel but first time doing it under my eyes. After it peeled off like 2 days later a... READ MORE

TCA 30% Peel No Improvement?

Hi, I have done TCA 30% peel on my dark armpit. I have fair skin type. After 2 days using it, my skin peeled off but I don't see any improvement but... READ MORE

Knuckles went darker after TCA 35% peel. Is this normal? (photos)

Pls help me... I did the tca peel and my after d peel it was soooo lively days after it went black! I did the peel three weeks ago. Pls what. An I go?... READ MORE

Why did my 50% tca not have the frosting I was expecting and why is there still no peeling after two days? (photos)

I did a 50% tca on my stomach at home and left it for about 3-4 munites. I layered it about three to four times and only saw about two patches of... READ MORE

I had a TCA peel done on October 7. I started peeling and like a moron picked the skin around the mouth area.

  The skin underneath was pink. I made sure I applied moisturizer and sunscreen and didn't really venture outdoor. But now the pink skin has... READ MORE

No peeling after TCA Peel but skin became darker where I applied low percentage solution

I had 15% tca peel a week ago. The area which frosted had peeled and somehow looking like normal skin tone but area which have not frosted became dark... READ MORE

What should I expect following days? How to get rid of this dark patches? How long will it take to recover? (Photos)

When my skin start to peel? How to decrease the color of the dark patches ? Please do help me. Is there any side effects I'll face ? So worried :'( READ MORE

Can I do a chemical peel on my entire body?

I suffered some skin rushes when I was a bit younger and these with the sunn have left my skin tone. I am brown skin but areas around my knees,elbows... READ MORE

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