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Is It Normal for my Skin to Turn Dark Brown and Hurt Right After 50% Tca Peel? Will It Scar?

I did a 50% tca peel on my arm for really dark and damaged spots which i know was stupid i realized it afterwords anyway i did it but could only bear... READ MORE

30% TCA Peel on chest and arm, I think I have caused permanent damage. What should I do? (Photo)

These photos are in day 4. But as you can see my chest looks horrible burnt and sore. There is no peeling on my chest and sore to the touch. I think... READ MORE

I'm 4 days post tca 25% armpit peel. Is this normal? (Photo)

The skin under my armpit is showing no signs of peeling. Is my skin damaged.? READ MORE

Will a TCA peel fix textural damage six months after Palomer non ablative laser? (photo)

My main issue is with texture and the pinholes the laser has left behind . It is very hard to ever capture on camera because the scarring is micro and... READ MORE

Have I Caused Permanent Damage After TCA Peel? (photo)

Hello I did a tca peel on Sunday and it is now day 6 which is Saturday. My skin was healing fine, but last night I have noticed grayish\ dark pink... READ MORE

Will my skin get back to my OWN color after my skin has completed peeling? Right after my TCA peel I got dark marks. (photo)

Right after my (first and last) TCA peel, my skin felt burned and was red. One hour later the red parts turned brown.. Browner and browner. It feels... READ MORE

Asian, thin, damaged skin: is my skin permanently damaged/discolored from TCA 30%? (Photos)

My face was applied with TCA 30%, it wasn't neutralized 'cause I was told that TCA neutralizes on its own. However, after about 3 minutes, it was... READ MORE

Can I mix 15 % or 25% TCA with 70% GLYCOLIC acid ?

Im planing to do a peel on my back , arms and some parts on my legs. I need to know if is possible to mix this 2 product with out any damage (burning... READ MORE

TCA chemical peel and doxycycline

I had a chemical peel 30%TCA 3 days ago, I have already started to peel, now I have a sinus infection and dr prescribed the antibiotic doxycycline,... READ MORE

TCA Peel scarring I'm 49, recently got rid of my life long hormonal cystic acne, did I permanently damage my skin? (photo)

I put some 15% TCA/gycolic acid on a cotton pad and swept that all over my face. I then swept 50% TCA over my chin which had horrific ice pick scars.... READ MORE

I had rhinoplasty four months ago and had a TCA chemical peel three days ago. My nose is not peeling. What can I do? (Photo)

My face is peeling normally but my nose has bright red blotches that I can't hide with make-up. I fear my new nose has been damaged permanently. What... READ MORE

What treatment is best for fixing damaged skin caused by TCA 25% chemical peel? (Photo)

I had a infection 13 years a go which caused my face and eyes to swell all of my face was burning, after this it left dark patches around my lip,... READ MORE

I've done a TCA of 30% and my skin peeled now my skin appears much darker the my original skin. I feel as it is damaged. I'm 18.

Ive done a tca of 30% and my skin peeled now my skin apoears much darker the my orignal skin i feel as it has been damaged or some sort ? its look... READ MORE

Is this normal after a chemical peel? (Photo)

I recently tried using TCA 35 on a short portion of my hand before applying it on my face. I let it stay there for a few minutes and I witnessed this... READ MORE

Damaged skin chemical burn hyperpigmentation & stretch marks! (Photo)

I am extremely depressed at the moment. I noticed I had some stretch marks on my inner arm so decided to do a Tca chemical peel and use Retin a and... READ MORE

Would a TCA peel restore laser damaged skin texture from Palomar Icon 1540 laser 5 months ago?

I suffered chicken pox last year and had several spots of my face treated with a Palomar Icon 1540. It was the highest setting, the grid marks joined... READ MORE

May a TCA Peel Damage the Melanocytes?

Hello, I'm a 20 year old caucasian male, my derm performed a 35% TCA peel on my face last week. Peeling is over and there is a subtle, but noticeable... READ MORE

How long does post-inflammatory skin hyperpigmentation usually last?

About six months ago I tried a 50% TCA chemical peel to get rid of a few small moles and freckles on my torso area. It worked, however it left behind... READ MORE

How to get help for a TCA Cross procedure that didn't work and created more damage? (Photos)

On March 9th I had TCA Cross procedure completed for the first time on my nose to help reduce the size of a few ice pick scars. Three weeks after the... READ MORE

How can I repair my badly damaged and prematurely ageing skin after too many TCA peels?

I'm 27 and about 5 years ago I ordered a tca peel online all up over about 6 months I did about 6 peels (I know way too many) and I have completely... READ MORE

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